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Banitsa becomes part of a world atlas of traditional dishes

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Banitsa is a traditional Bulgarian dish made by layering sheets of buttered phyllo pastry with a mixture of eggs, yoghurt and white cheeses like white brine cheese (sirene) and feta for the simple and classic version of banitsa. Besides the classic cheese filling, this pie can be made with a myriad of different fillings, either savory or sweet. This is how the culinary guide Taste Atlas describes the authentic Bulgarian dish. 

Taste Atlas has catalogued more than 10,000 foods and beverages. There are dozens of thousands yet to be researched and mapped- the popular ones as well as the forgotten tastes and aromas of every city, village and region in the world.

“Bulgarians sometimes fill banitsa with lucky charms, coins or pieces of paper that have wishes written on them, a practice that is especially popular during the festive winter season”, Taste Atlas writes.

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