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Garash cake from Ruse among highest rated desserts by TasteAtlas

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After the Bulgarian banitsa, the gastronomical encyclopedia of traditional dishes from all over the world TasteAtlas rated Torta Garash (Garash cake) from Ruse as one of the best chocolate desert in the world.

According to TasteAtlas, the Bulgarian chocolate cake was given the highest rating, but the Bulgarian Garash is ranked 12th in popularity out of 34 desserts. The prize went to the Viennese Sacher, followed by Kladdkaka chocolate soufflé, Bolo de brigadeiro etc.

TasteAtlas seeks out traditional food, drink and local products to show them on an interactive map of the world with almost 10,000 dishes, more than 6,000 local ingredients and 17,000 traditional cuisine locations. The encyclopedia is the work of Croatian journalist and blogger Matija Babić who believes that more and more people want to eat local food, made out of unique local ingredients. Babić travels the world to select the best foods and traditional restaurants.

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