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Keeping local traditions through nutrition

“Granny’s Recipes” competition aims to discover and preserve authentic recipes

Photo: Foundation Preserving Traditions

A number of tasty meals are prepared in Bulgaria. Various researches and culinary books are dedicated to them. A drawing and essay competition entitled “Granny’s Recipes” aims to discover and preserve authentic recipes, handed down from generation to generation.

The organizers of the contest collect children’s drawings and essays created literally in all parts of the country. The award winners are announced after a selection procedure. The drawing competition has been held for more than 10 years now and each year its organizers receive several recipes of traditional meals. That is why this year’s contest has a new theme related to authentic Bulgarian meals. Thus, along with the collection of children’s drawings, the organizers of the competition received a collection of food recipes. Although these recipes are not so popular, they are truly appreciated by every top chef who observes local traditions and loves the authentic taste.

“The purpose of the contest is not to collect as many drawings and recipes as possible, but to encourage creative thinking in children and focus on the well-preserved family traditions”, the organizer of the contest Penyo Ivanov said for Radio Bulgaria.

“This year I give special emphasis on paintings about the family-brother, sister, mother, father, grandmother and grandfather. I pay greater attention to the works of art depicting these people, because it is important and feels good to see large families. A painting depicting a large number of people brings more joy and good mood. Although we now live in strange times, the family is still alive and observes all traditions and fundamental values. It is even better when we see this through the eyes of children and when their drawings depict all family members together. This fills us with optimism”.

Granny’s Recipes” drawing competition places no restrictions on the drawing technique. This year we have received dozens of recipes, written by the children themselves, which means that they are interested in this topic, said Penyo Ivanov.

“This is so, because nutrition is part of our daily lives. Besides, most of us used to visit our grandparents when we were children and we still remember the delicious rural meals. Parents are trying to give their children freedom to create. Childhood memories are very important and remain etched in our minds.”

Artist Maria Petkova, who heads an art school for kids in the town of Parvomay, is a jury member at the drawing competition named “Granny’s Recipes”.

“I got close insight into children’s art. However, I am participating as a jury member for the first time. It is very exciting. I noticed that regardless of the circumstances, children need a certain topic to work on. It is very beneficial to them and helps them express themselves, shape their personality, build self-confidence and strive for success. Children’s art is very inspiring for adults, but the kids also need our help. Sometimes children have no idea what to draw and their parents and teachers need to guide them and give them a hint. We must find a way to encourage children to think more.”

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

Photos: Foundation Preserving Traditions
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