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Prayer procession on Bright Tuesday in village of Momchilovtsi

Momchilovtsi village
Photo: Bozhidar Cholakov, BNR-Kurdzhali

On the third day after Easter, when the Orthodox Church celebrates Bright Tuesday, a prayer procession takes place in Momchilovtsi village in the Rhodopes, known by the locals as St. Letenia.  

It is unique in this part of the country and was introduced by hieromonk Gregorius from Mount Athos, who came to Momchilovtsi in 1837-38 where he founded the first monastery school. He led the local people on a procession around the monasteries and to a hill not far from the village, where they lit candles and placed them on a big rock.

In 1911 the local people raised some money, and on that same spot the Resurrection of Christ chapel was erected, also known as St. Letenia, and the procession was incorporated into the rituals performed on the third day of Easter. 

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