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Parliamentary Culture and Media Committee votes on more Bulgarian music in public media

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The popularization of Bulgarian music in the public-service media was discussed by the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Media. The Vazrazhdane party proposes that the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) and the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) be obliged by law to have 50% of Bulgarian music on their air.

The Director General of the Bulgarian National Radio Milen Mitev noted that the Radio has always fully supported Bulgarian artists. But he pointed out that caution is needed when regulating matters in the realm of arts with administrative measures. Currently, Bulgarian music comprises 65% of the music airtime of the BNR and BNT, it was stated during the debates.

"The introduction of a quota for Bulgarian music in the public media will be a lifeline for the incompetent," said Hristo Petrov, a member of the ruling Continue the Change party, better known as rap singer Itzo Hazarta. His words angered some of the participants in the meeting.

After heated debates, the commission supported the proposal that more Bulgarian music should be aired on BNR and BNT and the relevant legal texts are to be prepared.

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