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Pop singer Lyubo Kirov performs at London's Troxy Hall

Photo: Ivan Ermenkov

A few days ago (on 22.05) Bulgarian pop singer Lubo Kirov gave a concert at the famous Troxy Hall in London. According to his team’s accounts ˮLyubo made a world-class musical show.

For more than two hours, the audience sang along with him the songs from his new album ˮKiss Meˮ  (Tseluni me), as well as the hits “I know” (Znam), ˮWe’re Flyingˮ (Letim), and others. Lubo Kirov Live in London is the artist’s first concert of this scale outside Bulgaria."

On stage with him was Polly Genova - they presented their new duet song “Set Off When It’s Time” (Trugni navreme), as well as Orlin Goranov with whom Lubo Kirov sang ˮAs Beforeˮ(Kakto predi).

Lyubo Kirov with Polly Genova on stage

Lubo Kirov (left) and Orlin Goranov in Troxy Hall, London, May 22.

In recent years Lubo Kirov has become one of the most well loved Bulgarian pop singers. He writes his own lyrics, but he has also written dozens of songs for other artists that have become hits. He is a composer, artist and producer and has won a number of awards. This year he has five nominations for the BG Radio Music Awards. Lyubo Kirov is also included in the Forbes Bulgaria ranking as one of the 70 most influential personalities in the country.

Photos: Ivan Ermenkov

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