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We welcome the month of June with children's laughter, fun games and a look to the future

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Fun games, children's smiles and colorful candies – this is how we can describe in words June 1 – the International Children's Day. A celebration of innocence, pure joy and a bright view of the future. Things that live in each of us, even when we tend to forget about them. We asked three young experts in the field oof June 1 to find out what children are planning to do today. According to 9-year-old Bogomil:

"They celebrate and have fun with their family, friends and playing something. “

"People celebrate Children's Day"

True happiness lies in friends, says Samuil, who is six and a half years old. He himself is the proud owner of about 20 of them. The secret to finding a good friend turns out to be simple - "Having a good attitude towards them", Sami reveals to us.

For four-year-old Mateo, children do a few special things today.

"They're having a party with music and having fun. And I'm playing football with the bigger boys."

There will be football today in the yard of the Bulgarian National Radio head office, where our colleagues have prepared a fun holiday for the kids, entitled "We, the children in the Bulgarian National Radio". The starting time is 11, with free admission and a special invitation to all Ukrainian children who have the opportunity and desire to join the celebration. The team of the show "We, the Children" on Radio Sofia has prepared a football tournament on small doors with commentator Kamen Alipiev, a children's quiz, a flash mob, a virtual reality corner reality and many more surprises. The Radio Children vocal group will perform favourite songs, and after a break the virtuosos from the Folk Music Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio will meet again their youngest fans in the First Studio of the BNR to acquaint them with the secrets of Bulgarian instruments in a specially prepared educational concert.

If you decide to go back in time and show your children what it's like to play the old-time classic games, then the Geo Milev park in Sofia and the initiative “Games of the 90s ” is your place. We asked Mateo if he knew how to play hide and seek. "Yes," he replied without a doubt.

 "They hide and measure themselves."

Who is hiding and what is "measured" will remain the homework of his parents, but the organizers of the "Games of the 90's" Svetlozara Lazarova and Sami Dogmush accept as their mission to "get" the kids off the phones, tablets and digital space and make young and old children have fun together outdoors. And to "measure" the laughter and fun.

The sea will also carry the spirit of children's smiles today. For the fifth time in the park of Izgrev district in Burgas Izgrev Park Fest 2022 for young artists is organized.

The photo exhibition "Formula for Happiness" will be opened during the festival, a concert and entertainment for dogs is planned. The park will also house creative workshops, canvases for shared painting, an open-air library stocked with attractive publications. "Not only children have fun, but also adults! ”, admits the librarian of the Chitalishte Donka Kostadinova.

And little Sami reminds us that the most important thing in life is the family and with a smile sends his wishes to all children in the world:

 "I wish them to have many friends and to be happy."

Bogi adds: "Let them be alive and healthy, have a lot of luck and a lot of gifts."

And if you are wondering what kind of gifts the children want for June 1, God answers categorically – Any time! And we will add that the most important of them are the children's smiles and their sense of security and warmth. Give them these in abundance today!

Edited by Darina Grigorova

Photos: Facebook / @igritena90te, library
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