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Upsurge of visitors on Ascension Day in the village of Bov

The Feasts of Bov begin on Spasovden

Photo: bov.bg

On Spasovden (Ascension)the village of Bov awaits for guests from near and far!

For the picturesque and ancient mountain village of Bov, perched above the Iskar Gorge, today's feast - Ascension Day, also popular in Bulgaria as Spasovden, brings double joy.

Along with the Christian feast, its inhabitants celebrate the festival of the village. There is a service and blessing with holy water, on the occasion of the feast of the church "Holy Ascension".

From that day onwards start the celebrations dedicated to the two villages of Bov and Gara Bov (Bov Station). Since 2006, in the week from Ascension to Pentecost, the two villages have been symbolically bridging past and present in the "Feasts of Bov". 

Between the two major Christian feasts, the Bovs come alive to welcome relatives and guests from all over the surrounding area.

Today, on the occasion of Spasovden, the local women have prepared a kurban offering (feastive lamb soup) from early dawn, and despite it being a working day, the usually depopulated village is filled with joyful chatter.

More about the history and traditions of the village with a centuries-old history, which today celebrates 816 years, can be found in Radio Bulgaria's collection:

Compiled by: Darina Grigorova

Photos: bov.bg

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