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St. Trinity Church compound in Bansko keeps the memory of historic figures and events alive

Photo: bansko-gevgelija.eu

The old central part of Bansko is full of history. In recent decades, the beautiful mountain town has become a popular resort and festival center. It keeps the memory of the Bulgarian National Revival, the development of Bulgarian education, architecture and art alive. Last, but not least- about great historical figures who dedicated their lives to faith and their fatherland.

St. Trinity church compound, which is among the biggest Christian temples in the Balkans, seems to gather all this between its stone walls. It was consecrated back in 1885. The frescoes were painted by artists from the Debar School. The icons are the work of celebrated masters from the famous Bansko icon-painting school Dimitar and Simeon Molerov. Velyan Ognev from the Debar School has painted a starry sky in the ceiling with clouds and angels crossing it. The legend has it that while working in the church, Velyan saw the Sister of Neophyte of Rila, whose family house (now a museum) was located very close to the church. Velyan fell in love with her, but this is another story….

The pulpit of the church is richly decorated with stylized drawings. On October 5, 1912, one of Bulgaria’s finest poets Peyo Yavorov ascended its beautiful spiral stairs. From this pulpit Yavorov proclaimed Bansko’s new freedom with the words: “Brothers, from today you are free Bulgarians”. Later, the Bansko people inscribed these words on the poet’s monument that stands in the churchyard, close to the bell tower. The construction of the church continued for two years. The Bansko people honor the memory of Lazar German- a rich merchant, patriot and Mayor of Bansko. He donated his land, the place where St. Trinity Church was eventually built. Lazar turned to the richest residents with the words: “god has given us money for our joy and to the benefit of our community!” With this money-raising started. You can learn more details about the St. Trinity Church compound in Bansko in Radio Bulgaria’s article: “St. Trinity Church in Bansko”.

Photos: BGNES, archive

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