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President Radev hands mandate for formation of government to We Continue the Change co-chair Assen Vassilev

President Rumen Radev (R) hands Assen Vassilev the folder with the exploratory mandate
Photo: Presidential press service

Assen Vassilev, nominee for Prime Minister from the parliamentary group of We Continue the Change was handed an exploratory mandate for the formation of a government by President Rumen Radev.

As he handed over the mandate, President Radev stated that Bulgaria is in political, economic and social crisis, and the reforms and the funding under the Recovery and Resilience Plan are yet to be put in place. Rumen Radev also made mention of the foreign policy crisis over the expulsion of Russian embassy staff, and pointed out that what citizens and the institutions need is security, predictability and reliable protection of public interest. “I expect adequate decisions and the upholding of the national interest, so that a free, democratic and prosperous European Bulgaria may be built,” the President said.

As he received the folder with the exploratory mandate, Assen Vassilev stated that for him it is an enormous responsibility and that in the crises Bulgaria has to address it is extremely important that there is a government that will work in the interest of citizens and will truly uphold Bulgaria’s interest and the independence of the country, as was the case during the first We Continue the Change cabinet.

Starting today, Assen Vasislev has seven days (until 5 PM on 8 July) to present to the president the composition of a cabinet, after which Rumen Radev will propose that the National Assembly vote on the nominee for prospective Prime Minister.

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