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To Jupiter and back with "How I want"

Photo: FB/Jupiter7_official

A jovial walk through space – that’s what the band Jupiter 7 brings us this summer and the rhymes are from their new song "How I want". The group has existed for about a year. One of their first appearances was at the Jazz Festival in Bansko in 2021. And a few days ago they participated in the Arts Festival in Koprivshtitsa.

The young performers are graduates of the Lyubomir Pipkov National Music School. Several of them successfully graduated high school this year, and the rest of them they will graduate next year. All of them have a classical education, and therefore it is logical to assume that "Jupiter" comes from the title of Mozart's Symphony No. 41. It turns out that "Jupiter 7" is the name of one of their ballads, which they like very much. They have 5 or 6 more original songs and hope to record them soon.

As you will see for yourself, their new song "How I want" is fresh, summery and dynamic. In the video, along with the performers from the group, their classmates and friends - also from the National Music School - take part.

ˮHow I dream of waking up next to you and how I want us to kiss all day long! All day, all day - to kiss all day! All day, all day, all day..." – goes part of the chorus. Well, what else can go through a teenager's head during the summer vacation?

The music, lyrics and arrangement are by Neo Kurtev - guitar and vocals, and his father Krasi Kurtev from the Akaga band.

Turning a blind eye to some minor imperfections that we attribute to their young age, we believe that there are more great songs and joy of making music with true friends to come for ˮJupiter 7.

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