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Valery Todorov, former BNR correspondent in Moscow: Kremlin assesses situation as critical

Valery Todorov
Photo: Personal Archive

"The Kremlin assesses the situation as critical," Valery Todorov, a longtime correspondent for Bulgarian National Radio in Moscow, told EuroNews Bulgaria. 

"It is interesting to note that 6,000 casualties are officially reported on the Russian side in the conflictYou know, Western estimates are between 40 and 50 thousand," Todorov said. He sees this understatement of the number of dead as an attempt to appease public opinion in Russia.

"But this fact alone already shows that the Kremlin assesses the situation as critical. For now, the term "mobilization" was avoided altogether because it meant war. So far, there had been talk of a "specialized military operation". In Russia, the army is professional and only in exceptional circumstances can mobilisation be resorted to," Todorov said. 

In the analyst's words, it is symptomatic that the State Duma has approved amendments to the Criminal Code, where, in addition to "mobilization", the concept of "martial law" is also added, i.e. it is not excluded that martial law will be introduced in the future. 

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