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101 years since the death of Ivan Vazov

Ivan Vazov
Photo: Archives State Agency

It is 101 years on 22 September since the death of writer Ivan Vazov, titled Patriarch of Bulgarian literature. By a tradition, the National Museum of Literature is organizing a memorial at his grave in the garden behind the altar of the St. Sofia church in the capital city.

Atanas Kapralov, director of the Ivan Vazov museum house said for the BNR, that Ivan Vazov wanted to be buried where he would be able to see Mount Vitosha which he loved so much. Five years after his death, a moraine rock from the Golden Bridges locality on Mount Vitosha, where Vazov was so fond of taking walks, was brought to Sofia by ox-drawn cart. It took the cart 18 days to transport the big rock to the city, with thousands of people helping to push and pull it along its way. The rock is now Vazov’s gravestone. 

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