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7 parties enter the 48th Bulgarian parliament according to Alpha Research and Market Links, 6 parties according to Trend

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Results of the exit poll of the sociological agencies "Alpha Research", "Market Links" and "Trend", registered with the Central Electoral Commission for the exit poll on the day of the elections for the 48th National Assembly, show the following distribution of political forces:

Alpha Research Exit Poll:
GERB-SDS - 25.5%
"We Continue the Change" - 19.9%
MRF - 14.4%
BSP - 10.2%
Vazrazhdane - 10%
Democratic Bulgaria - 7.9%
"There is Such a People" (ITN) - 4.2%

Market Links Exit Poll
GERB-SDS – 25.5%
We Continue the Change - 18.4%
MRF – 12.6%
BSP for Bulgaria – 11.2%
Vazrazhdane - 10.4%
Democratic Bulgaria - 9%
"There is Such a People" (ITN) - 4.2%

Trend exit poll

GERB-SDS – 25.7%
"We continue the Change" - 18.5%
MRF – 13.4%
BSP for Bulgaria – 11.5%
Vazrazhdane - 10.1%
Democratic Bulgaria - 7.4%

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