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International expedition navigates along Danube limes

Photo: LC Danube Brothers

The ship Danuvina Alacris – the Living Danube – a replica of a Roman navis lusoria has successfully navigated the distance from Vidin to Lom along the Bulgarian shore.

It took two years to build the ship in Germany, applying an ancient 4th century BC technology, and using ancient tools. Danuvina Alacris is part of an international project called Living Danube Limes, financed under the trans-national Danube programme 2014-2020. The expedition started out on 16 July from Ingolstadt in Germany, and has since navigated across eight countries whose lands were once part of the Roman Empire. In November the expedition will end its journey in Romania. Prof. Stoyan Prodanov from Bulgaria is a member of the international crew. The expedition supports the nomination of the Danube limes for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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