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Sofia marks anniversary since bombings during Second World War

Bombings of Sofia during the WW2
Photo: militarymuseum.bg

On November 14, 1943, massive air raids against Bulgaria began during the Second World War. For 5 months, Sofia was systematically bombed by the allies USA and Great Britain. 

By April 17, 1944, a total of 2,000 aircraft in 7 day and 5 night attacks dropped over 8,800 bombs over the Bulgarian capital. 

The targets were mainly civilian objects. More than 900 people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. 12,567 residential, industrial and public buildings were destroyed. The entire bourgeois center of the city was destroyed. 

The bombings came after the forced accession of Bulgaria to the Tripartite Pact of Germany, Italy and Japan on March 1, 1941, and from the irrationally declared war on December 13 of the same year by Bulgaria against the United States and Great Britain.

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