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Nina Tsaneva: We want to contribute to the creation of a spiritual community of Bulgarian culture, regardless of the geographical latitudes where it extends

Who will be the new Bulgaria's Ambassadors of Culture?

The BNR campaign  is waiting for your proposals

For the second year in a row, the Hristo Botev Programme of the Bulgarian National Radio organised the Bulgaria's Culture Ambassadors campaign. The idea is to honour outstanding Bulgarian writers, poets, playwrights, artists, actors, singers and composers, dancers and choreographers, whose art in 2022 goes beyond the geographical borders of the country. These are the Bulgarians who make Bulgaria recognizable in the global cultural landscape.

"We invite our listeners to nominate personalities who, in their opinion, can be considered " Bulgaria's Ambassadors of Culture ", Nina Tsaneva, journalist at the Hristo Botev programme, which is the initiator and main driver of the campaign, told Radio Bulgaria. 

"The initiative was supported by organizations of Bulgarian artists abroad, which shows that we can make a bridge between artists in Bulgaria and those working internationally and every year we can make a broadcast meeting to promote their names, and make their art recognizable here on our territory. Unfortunately, our listeners are more familiar with the artists who live and work in Bulgaria. Their work will be featured on BNR over the next 12 months. In this way, we want to develop a spiritual, free community of Bulgarian culture, regardless of the latitudes over which it spreads," says Nina Tsaneva.

In 2021, the BNR audience had the opportunity to nominate artists from all genres for one month. From all the submissions, a jury selected the names of 22 Bulgarian artists.

BNR is now asking the listeners to send their nominations to kulturniposlanitsi@bnr.bg by 16 December.

At the beginning of next year, a jury with representatives of the Ministry of Culture, the State Cultural Institute, BNR, Public Broadcaster BNT, the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency and other institutoins will be selecting Bulgaria's Ambassadors of Culture for 2022.

"And our biggest ambition is with the support of the BNR management to be able to realize an annual cultural forum that will bring together artists from Bulgaria and abroad to exchange experiences, share their explorations, communicate with Bulgarian institutions for art and culture. Because "Spirit is what will lift us up and help us get through all the hardships of the last few years" - these are the words of Zdravka Evtimova who presents the Ambassadors of this year's edition of the initiative: writers Zdravka Evtimova and Teodora Dimova,  jazz musician Teodosii Spasov and artist prof. Gredi Assa. I thank them warmly for their support" - said Nina Tsaneva in conclusion.

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