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No Bulgarians remain indifferent to the suffering of their neighbors from Turkiye

Bulgaria was among the first countries to send emergency aid to Southern Turkiye which was hit by a devastating earthquake on February 6. When it comes to such a big tragedy, no one remains indifferent to the suffering of thousands of people in the affected areas. Donation points were quickly set up at various locations in a number Bulgarian cities to collect food, hygienic materials and essential products to help the victims affected by the massive earthquake. Volunteers are also supported by hauling companies who respond to their request to transport the aid to the areas affected by the calamity. Meanwhile, people are seeking to provide assistance to Syria as well. Sympathy is coming from everywhere.

Pazardzhik Municipality, the Fire Safety and Civil Protection Directorate General, and the Bulgarian volleyball champion „Hebar“, sent the first van with donations for the victims of the earthquakes in Turkiye

The Sofia-based hospital St. Ivan Rilski announced that it was ready to offer the necessary diagnostics, medical treatment and special care to the needy.

Everyone in Bulgaria wants to express their sympathy and offer condolences to the people of Turkiye. For the purpose, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkiye in Sofia opened a book of condolences. The Ambassadors of Denmark, Ukraine, Czechia, Serbia, South Korea, Belgium, Spain, etc, wrote in the book of condolences. The Embassy of Turkiye announced that citizens and organizations can offer condolences on February 8 and 9. The flag in front of the embassy is flying at half-mast.

Grand Mufti Mustafa Hadji

Citizens who participated in a poll conducted by Radio Bulgaria also showed compassion and empathy with the victims of the natural disaster: "We can express sympathy by helping with money, clothes and sending aid. The recent crises in our country have hardened people’s hearts, but we should be kind," says Maria Stoyanova from Sofia and added:

“I follow the news and I see terrifying things. Nothing can be done in such a situation. We are powerless against nature."

 “I would love to help with labor. I cannot help with money, because we have difficulties covering our living expenses. That is why I cannot provide any financial assistance” said Biser Brankov from Sofia and added:

"We should stand in solidarity with our neighbours. We go to Turkiye on holidays. I have spent many vacations there and I want to visit the country again. The disaster will not make me stop visiting Turkiye and we will help in any way we can."

We are all human and we have to be compassionate and ready to help the victims - says Lidia Milusheva, a pensioner from Sofia:

“I am an elderly person, but I would love to go there and help. Do good and good will come back to you! Good things happen to good people. There is always fear of such disasters, because they can happen to anyone. However, we must do everything with kindness”, said Lidia.

“I feel sympathy with the people in distress. However, I am not able to provide them with financial assistance”, says Dafinka, a housewife from Sofia.

"Bulgaria’s authorities are doing their outmost. What can ordinary people do? We can only offer our deep condolences. I was in Turkey a long time ago. I feel sympahy with these people. However, nature is unpredictable. May God spare us", said Dimitar Lazarov.

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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