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To the south of the Danube - Rusenski Lom River Valley and its tourist treasures

Photo: rusenski-lom.bg

The Bulgarian part of the Danube Valley, has not yet been tainted by mass tourism, to the delight of connoisseurs of wild nature or those who like high-adrenaline experiences. In the area of the city of Ruse, one can combine both.

"When we talk about tourism in the region, we are referring to the Danube - from Svishtov to Tutrakan and, of course, the valley of the Rusenski Lom River," Prof. Dr. Nikolay Nenov, head of the Regional History Museum in Ruse, says. There are a number of huts, caves, nature reserves and a whole series of rock churches in the region, as the most famous of these churches are located near the village of Ivanovo and are under the auspices of UNESCO. Another significant cultural and historical landmark is the medieval town of Cherven, which is open for visits every day.

Prof. Nenov’s advice to adventurers is to look for the hidden "treasures" of the Rusenski Lom River Valley.

"Near some of the villages, such as Basarbovo or Tabachka, there are routes for rock climbers, of varying degrees of difficulty. Climbers from Romania also know them and often come here, south of the Danube, driven by their adventurous spirit. Some people also know the harder-to-reach sites, such as the Vodna Cave near the village of Tabachka. This is a relatively easy route for experienced people. It's not much climbing that's required here, but good shoes and following the markings. One reaches a Thracian altar and there is also a healing spring. And on top of that, Roman inscriptions from antiquity can still be seen, showing who came and how much they donated to the sanctuary. The place is unique! Just meters away from the Vodna Cave, there is another hermitage, which belonged to a monk from the 13th century. The place is rarely visited because it is largely unknown, but it is exactly one of the places in the region associated with high adrenaline and traveling," Prof. Nenov says.

The rock climbing routes near Tabachka and Basarbovo are of varying difficulty and are equipped with the appropriate hangers. However, climbers should bring ropes, Prof. Nenov recalls. And of course, a mandatory stop for every visitor to the area is the magnificent rock monastery near the village of Basarbovo, founded in the 12th-13th century, which is active and dedicated to St. Dimitar Basarbovski.

In addition, The Danube offers water adventures and beautiful views, as well as an opportunity to try the local fish specialties.

"Both in Ruse and along the river in the area of the cities of Oryahovo or Tutrakan, one can find local fishermen from whom they can buy fresh fish, try prepared fish dishes or take a boat ride. One can also visit some of the Danube islands. Some of them have magnificent fine sand. And a little further up the river one can reach the so-called ‘Danubian Maldives’. These are magnificent places that are rarely visited and mostly unknown. For example, on the memofish.eu site one can see all routes from Vidin to Silistra on both sides of the river, covering 5 Bulgarian and 5 Romanian riverside cities."

One can find cozy guest houses in the the villages of Bozhichen, Koshov, Cherven, Basarbovo and others. "They are very nice and are full of tourists every weekend," Prof. Nikolay Nenov says.

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