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The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats will come to life in a musical on June 1

Photo: nbu.bg

The International Children's Day at New Bulgarian University in Sofia promises to be colorful, cheerful and very entertaining. The students and their professors have prepared the musical "The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats" by the composer Alexander Wladigeroff-Sr. based on the libretto by Dimitar Dimitrov. On the stage of the University Theater, the seven mischievous goats Skoklivka, Burborko, Strahlivka, ‎Vseznaiko, Malchugan, Zakachko and Bodlivko, as well as the Mother Goat, the Scary Wolf, the Forest Nightingale, will "come to life" to tell the favorite children's tale. In the play's libretto, the ending for the Wolf is not so bad - he is sent to the zoo to learn good manners.

The director is Simeon Simeonov who works in a team with chief assistant. Dr. Hristina Dyakova - stage designer and Pavleta Doichinova - choreographer.‎

The musical director of the production is chief assistant Dr. Ani Lincheva, who told Radio Bulgaria: "We chose this work not only because of Wladigeroff's wonderful music, but also because of the audience - the children are real and sincere in their reactions. This will be the fourth performance of this project. Naturally, the cast is constantly undergoing changes, as some students graduate, others come, etc. But the hall is always full.” ‎

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Faculty of Basic Education, and the participants are students from courses and programs in stage interpretation, acting, music and dance practice, pop and jazz singing, etc. 

During the remote classes in the period 2020-2021, the stage performance was thwarted, but an audio recording was made at New Bulgarian University, which you can listen to here:‎ 

The musical "The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats" was created in 1973. It has been staged in more than 15 theaters in Bulgaria, it has been repeatedly presented in Russia, Greece, Germany, former Yugoslavia. The score is dotted with musical jokes and a rich palette of quotations (from the classics to Bulgarian pop), which makes the performance fun for adults as well. 

The first performance for this year will be on June 1 at the University Theater of New Bulgarian University (21 Montevideo St.) at 6 p.m., and admission is free.‎ 

Text: Albena Bezovska
Photos: Kosyo Hadzhigenchev

Published by Rositsa Petkova

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