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Nikolai Denkov: Proposed cabinet has the expertise to make important decisions

| updated on 6/6/23 2:25 PM
Photo: BGNES

"Today is the day when we can break the long series of fruitless elections and put an end to the political deadlock. Today is the day when we can give hope to the millions of Bulgarians who want Bulgaria to have a regular government and a functioning parliament". This is what Nikolai Denkov, nominated for prime minister on a rotating basis from PP-DB, said during the presentation of the composition of the new cabinet.

According to him, the two coalitions - PP-DB and GERB-SDS, have made many compromises in order to ensure the stability of the country, to solve people's problems and to speed up the European development of Bulgaria. "Today is the day to choose a cabinet that has the expertise and the courage to make the important decisions and bear responsibility for them," Denkov added.

Before the vote, caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev told journalists that the most important thing for Bulgaria now was to have a working regular government with parliamentary support behind it.

Co-chairman of “We Continue the Change” Kiril Petkov told the MPs that the proposed rotating prime ministers - Nikolai Denkov of PP-DB and Mariya Gabriel of GERB-SDS, gave him confidence that union was possible. "If we in the parliament give this government a longer life, Bulgaria can be transformed, be part of Schengen, have a budget with a deficit below 3% without saving on pensions and without raising taxes... Bulgaria can continue its progress in regional development, so that young people plan their development in the country, not outside it," Petkov said. During the presentation of the rotating premiers, he pointed out that Academician Denkov was placed in the TOP 1% of scientists in his field - physical chemistry, in the world, while Gabriel was a person who has proven himself as a successful European leader in areas that drive economic development across Europe.

The parliamentary group of "Vazrazhdane" will not support the new government. This has been confirmed by Nikolai Drenchev from the party. "We know the person they are offering as prime minister today from three previous governments in which he was minister of education," he said. According to him, children graduate from all levels of education illiterate. According to the leader of "Vazrazhdane" Kostadin Kostadinov, only persons close to the USA would enter the new cabinet and added that "we are witnessing a velvet coup d'état" behind which stand "masters from the embassies"

"There is Such a People" will not support the cabinet. Filip Stanev from the party called the new governing coalition "the league of extraordinary gentlemen crooks". According to him, those who support the new government are a shame for Bulgarian democracy.

Denitsa Sacheva of GERB pointed out that the party made compromises that were difficult for voters to accept, but explained that the goal was "quick and uncompromising results". "The state cannot continue to be governed by people who are not elected by the people," she said, referring to the caretaker cabinets appointed by President Rumen Radev.

"Bulgaria has been in controlled chaos for two years," Lyuben Dilov of SDS said in parliament. According to him, a huge experiment was made in Bulgarian politics, as the state was left in the hands of caretaker governments. He said that efforts should be made to make this parliament work and the cabinet should be supported, as it will have the difficult task to solve extremely difficult problems.

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