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‎4,500 years of human history - Bulgarian photographer Rositsa Dimitrova captures "once-in-a-lifetime"‎ epic image

Photo: Rositsa Dimitrova

The author of the incredible shot is the Bulgarian photographer Rositsa ‎Dimitrova, who called her work "4500 years of human history" owing to the ‎Egyptian pyramid dating back to the 26th century BC.‎

Rositsa Dimitrova - photographer, travel blogger...and dreamer
‎“This photograph is not only visually stunning but also a testament to the power ‎of timing and being in the right place at the right time,” says Rosie, who, in ‎addition to being a photographer, is an avid traveler and travel blogger.‎

Some time ago, Radio Bulgaria brought you an interview with her:

‎“This particular image encapsulates the convergence of nature, human ‎engineering, and celestial beauty in a truly awe-inspiring way.”‎

Rositsa Dimitrova explains that she accidentally took the shot on April 6 this ‎year, at the end of her photo session, just as she was getting ready to pack up ‎and leave.‎

‎“I was pretty much done shooting that evening, as the Moon was already higher ‎up over the pyramid than I wanted in my shot,” she says. “Then I lifted my head ‎and I saw a blinking light approaching the Moon — seconds away from that ‎perfect shot. I was stunned at the possibility and almost froze in a moment of ‎panic!”‎

Still, the photographer managed to press the remote button at the exact right ‎time.‎

‎“It’s so symbolic,” she adds. “The plane and the pyramid, two absolute pinnacles ‎of humanity thousands of years apart.”‎

Dimitrova’s shot was almost thwarted at the Egyptian border after border patrol ‎were suspicious of the large lens she shot the photo with, the website pixel ‎writes.‎

‎“This lens is apparently very hard to get into Egypt. I got very lucky and ‎somehow managed to convince airport security that a pregnant woman is very ‎unlikely to be a terrorist,” she explains.“They were suspicious because ‎apparently there is a device that is used for a sniper rifle that looks a bit similar.”‎

‎“The funny thing was that they were still interrogating me about the lens on my ‎way out of Egypt, so I ended up showing them my portfolio,” she continues.‎

To this day, Rositsa is not sure whether they believed her or not. "Maybe they ‎thought that my photos of the moon were digital art and not real photos, ‎judging by the expressions on their faces," concludes Rositsa Dimitrova.‎

Photos: Rositsa Dimitrova
Compiled by Veneta Nikolova

Translated and published by Rositsa Petkova
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