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Festival of Gorna Oryahovitsa's flat sausage will take place for 16th time

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A three-day celebration of the flat sausage made in the town of Gorna ‎Oryahovitsa (known as Gornooryahovski sudzhuk) with a tasting of the ‎delicacy and a rich culinary program will bring together guests from near and ‎far in Gorna Oryahovitsa. The town hosting the festival for the 16th time and as ‎usual, Gornoryahovski sudzhuk will be offered as a dried product or freshly ‎grilled. ‎
The local delicacy is produced from single-grade quality beef, with a bouquet ‎of characteristic spices, without added preservatives. The product is dried for ‎no less than 15 days, the manufacturers specify. ‎

Gornooryahovski sudzhuk was entered as a protected geographical indication ‎in the European Register of Protected Designations of Origin and Protected ‎Geographical Indications in 2011. This is the first Bulgarian protected ‎geographical name, according to the European quality policy. ‎

There are three meat-processing companies in Bulgaria, which have the right to ‎produce and export Gornooryavovski sudzhuk to more than 20 countries of ‎the European Union, where it enjoys great interest. ‎
The actual celebration in Gorna Oryahovitsa starts today, on June 9, with a ‎Balkan evening. ‎

The official opening of the celebration is on Saturday, June 10, with local ‎groups, lots of games and quizzes, and the musical program will continue ‎throughout the day. Also this year there will be a special corner for craftsmen ‎with visiting craftsmen from neighboring municipalities. A culinary studio will ‎present typical dishes from the Gorna Oryahovitsa region.‎

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