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Unique fire show amidst the ruins of Kabile archaeological reserve

Photo: Fire Theatre

The premier of New Beginning, a show by the Fire Theatre – a non-verbal theatre and pantomime formation that has boldly been experimenting with fire theatre and dance – is on 28 October in the ancient Thracian town called Kabile near Yambol.  

New Beginning is the final part of the trilogy Soul, created especially for the unique archaeological reserve, the music is by Yordan Vladev and Sildar Borisov.

Fire Theatre’s founders Plamen Radev and Elena Pap have for years been trying to breathe new life into Bulgarian tradition with their original shows, which also feature actors.

“Fire Theatre is from the first wave of independent formations in Bulgaria, and in 2024 it will mark 30 years since it was founded,” says Plamen Radev. “At the time we founded it there were practically no professional pantomime formations in this country. Fifteen years ago we established Fest Studio Fire at the Sredets house of culture in Sofia, an acting school for actors who want to learn the specifics of this kind of theatre.”

As with Fire Theatre’s other projects, New Beginning features professional actors as well as Fest Studio Fire graduates.

“The human and spiritual qualities the actors must possess are even more important than their professional skills and abilities,” Elena Pap says. “First comes love of what we are doing. We need “fiery people” with light in their hearts.”

“Our shows are based on the poetry of silent language, as theoreticians describe pantomime, adding to it various means of expression, and fire – a powerful kind of energy that gives strength and impacts the audience and the actors very powerfully.”

“Everything Elena is talking about you will find in our new project New Beginning,” Plamen Radev says. “We present it amidst the ruins of the ancient Thracian town Kabile which sprang up more than 2,000 years ago around the temple of the mother goddess Cybele. Our stage are the remains of the ancient Christian basilica at the foot of the temple, with the temple itself as the background. A very inspiring place. This project is supported by the national Culture fund. We also found some very good partners – Yambol municipality and the Regional Museum of History in the town. Soul focuses on how alert we are – in our hectic lives we seem to fall into some kind of hypnosis in constant pursuit of different things, and forget who we are. We need time to take a break, to look into our hearts so we can be happy, at peace, healthy and help one another. What this show does is provide a glimpse at the harmony of the universe.”

Translated and posted by Milena Daynova

Photos: Fire Theatre

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