Speaking your language for 85 years

2021 marks the 85th anniversary of the Bulgarian National Radio’s foreign language service to the world. It all began on 16 February, 1936. One year after the Bulgarian radio was officially launched, what is now Radio Bulgaria went on the air. It was a Sunday when Radio Sofia’s full morning programme was launched, to reach Europe, North America and North Africa.

Now, 85 years later, Radio Bulgaria is still talking to the world about the country in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Greek, Albanian, Turkish and Bulgarian.

Our special feature presents intriguing facts from the history of Radio Bulgaria, its golden voices, as well as reminiscences from the people who have worked at Radio Bulgaria through the years.

Q & A from Radio Bulgaria

To mark the national day of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as our own 85th birthday, Radio Bulgaria is launching a new online initiative – a quiz - in an attempt to find out what foreigners associate Bulgaria with most often, and what the lesser..

published on 3/3/21 10:00 AM

Milen Belchev: “Strength of Radio Bulgaria lies in its team spirit"

This year Radio Bulgaria celebrates 85 years since its establishment. To this day, it has a special place in Bulgaria as the only media that provides information about this country in 10 different languages. For many years during the pre-digital..

published on 2/28/21 8:15 AM

Silvia Nikolova: Listeners loved us and in Arab countries they established Radio Bulgaria clubs

The Bulgarian language editorial team of Radio Bulgaria are the ones that together with the reporters from the former Central Information Service, have been responsible for the creation of a significant part of the articles and broadcasts that..

published on 2/19/21 3:04 PM

The first Bulgarian radio broadcasts for foreign audience - an experiment of enthusiasts

"Seeing that shortwave broadcasts are already developing in the world, a group of enthusiastic Bulgarian technicians decided to build a shortwave transmitter for experimental purposes and to broadcast a program in Bulgarian abroad...

published on 2/16/21 7:50 AM

Radio Bulgaria turns 85

On 25 January, 1935 Tsar Boris III signed a decree making radio broadcasting state-owned, and the idea for Radio Sofia to broadcast in different languages came into being several months later. So it came about that on 16..

published on 2/16/21 7:10 AM

Radio Bulgaria and the vicissitudes of time

The different historical periods of the development of Bulgaria have put a number of challenges to the foreign-language broadcasts of the Bulgarian National Radio, known as "Radio Bulgaria". In its original form, Radio Bulgaria appeared on..

published on 2/16/21 6:40 AM

Radio Bulgaria with three nominations for the BNR Sirak Skitnik awards

On the eve of World Radio Day, the Bulgarian National Radio is awarding its annual awards Siral Skitnik, named after its first director. This year the BNR’s multilingual programme – Radio Bulgaria – has nominations in three categories...

published on 2/12/21 7:30 AM