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Speaking your language for 87 years

2023 marks the 87th anniversary of the Bulgarian National Radio’s foreign-language service to the world.

It all began on 16 February, 1936. One year after the Bulgarian radio was officially launched, what is now Radio Bulgaria went on the air. It was a Sunday when Radio Sofia’s full morning programme was launched, to reach Europe, North America and North Africa.

Now, 87 years later, Radio Bulgaria is still talking to the world about this country in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Greek, Albanian, Turkish and Bulgarian.

This special section on our website presents intriguing facts from the history of Radio Bulgaria, its golden voices, as well as reminiscences from the people who have worked at Radio Bulgaria through the years.

Boyko Vassilev with Kostandina  Bello at the BNR

Kostandina from Radio Bulgaria’s Albanian language service featured in documentary about Bulgarians in Albania

Kostandina Raki Bello from Radio Bulgaria’s Albanian language service is a lead character in the film by journalist from public service TV BNT Boyko Vassilev, entitled “ Bratonchedi. Voices from Albania”, with a focus on the word bratonchedi ,..

published on 7/31/23 8:46 AM

If you don't know, let us recall…

Did you know that the words "Here's Radio Sofia!" were transmitted on shortwaves five years before the world heard of VOA and a year after the BBC overseas broadcasts began? This happened in 1936. Petar Uvaliev was one of the first..

published on 7/5/23 3:20 PM
Lubomir Lazarov

Lubomir Lazarov: At Radio Bulgaria the standard has always been and continues very high

Almost 20 years ago, when electronic media were barely taking their first steps on the web, a team of young and enthusiastic people created one of the most widely read websites – the website of Radio Bulgaria. Its editor-in-chief was journalist..

published on 5/7/23 6:15 AM

Journalist Nikolay Atanasov and his golden years at Radio Bulgaria

The night show of the BNR’s Horizont channel, the talk show Niki and Friends, Sunday Club Horizont are just some of the nationally aired radio shows the name of journalist and anchor Nikolay Atanasov has been associated with in his long..

updated on 3/23/23 11:39 AM

Radio Bulgaria marks BNR's 88th birthday with three nominations for the media's Sirak Skitnik‎ award

Every day is special, but January 25 is especially solemn for all of us, the employees of the BNR - we celebrate 88 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian National Radio. By tradition since 2001, the culmination of the holiday is the..

updated on 1/25/23 2:31 PM

Radio Bulgaria is at the beginning of journalist Rumen Stoichkov’s professional path

30 years of dedicated work for the listeners. This is how one can briefly describe the professional path of journalist Rumen Stoichkov. Since 1988 when he first entered the Bulgarian National Radio, he has not betrayed the radio..

published on 1/25/23 8:20 AM

Two more Radio Bulgaria foreign-language editors graduate successfully from the BNR Radio Journalism Academy

For the eighth consecutive year the Bulgarian National Radio brought journalists from its national and regional channels together for a radio journalism master class. The participants were selected competitively to be trained under the..

published on 10/28/22 2:55 PM

Radio Bulgaria now “speaks” Romanian

86 years of history and a new beginning! With a smile, lots of enthusiasm and promises of support, Radio Bulgaria’s Romanian language service was officially presented at the Bulgarian National Radio today, bringing the number of languages the BNR..

published on 10/20/22 6:55 PM

The BNR website is now available also in Romanian

The Bulgarian National Radio now offers up-to-date information from and about Bulgaria in Romanian. The website " Radio Bulgaria in Romanian " complements the rich portfolio of media services of Bulgaria’s public-service radio. With it, the number..

published on 10/20/22 7:10 AM

Maya Daskalova: Over 90 world radio stations broadcasted Radio Bulgaria's programs

Radio Bulgaria's foreign-language programmes are particularly important for Bulgarian communities around the world, as well as for the second and third generations of Bulgarians abroad who no longer speak Bulgarian but are looking for a..

published on 6/7/22 3:37 PM