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Briefing of Minister Temenuzhka Petkova on Belen NPP. Minister Petkova (center) in the presence of BEH director Jaklen Cohen  and CEO of NEC Ivan Yonchev

Is 13 a lucky number for Belene nuclear power plant project?

On Tuesday 13 companies submitted applications for participation in the implementation of the project for second Bulgarian nuclear power plant in Belene on the Danube River. In the course of 90 days Bulgarian experts will assess the offers and..

21.08.19 12:59 |

¿Cuánto ganan los hogares búlgaros y en qué gastan su dinero?

Los búlgaros cobran poco y gastan poco. Ocupan el último puesto en la clasificación europea relativa al consumo per cápita, con un 56% de la media en la UE. El nivel de los ingresos y los gastos de los hogares búlgaros pone de relieve que..

20.08.19 13:08 |

How much do Bulgarian households earn and what do they spend their money on?

Bulgarians earn little and spend little. They are in last position in the European per capita consumption rankings, at 56 percent of the average levels for the EU. The income and spending level of Bulgarian households indicates that at this..

20.08.19 12:33 |

What are the types of cars Bulgarians mostly buy and drive?

Bulgarians cannot do without cars as shown by statistic data on the number of cars and the population of the country. Bulgarians are less than 7 million people, but the cars in this country are about 4 million. But it is interesting to know..

14.08.19 14:50 |

¿Qué tipo de coches se compran y conducen los búlgaros?

Los búlgaros no pueden prescindir de poseer un coche y esto lo atestiguan los datos relativos sobre el número de los vehículos y de la población de Bulgaria. Según la Policía de Tráfico los autos en el país suman unos 4 millones frente a una..

14.08.19 14:09 |

The “swine crisis” jeopardizes the Bulgarian economy as well as eating habits

An African swine fever epidemic is currently raging in Bulgaria, a disease for which there is no cure and which is highly contagious for domestic and industrially bred pigs, as well as for wild boar. And there is only one remedy – to cull the..

09.08.19 12:41 |

La crisis porcina: una amenaza para la dieta nacional y la economía búlgara

Actualmente en Bulgaria se ha desatado una oleada de peste porcina africana para la cual no hay remedio y la que resulta fuertemente contagiosa, por igual, para los cerdos criados en casa y en instalaciones industriales como para los jabalíes. La..

09.08.19 12:39 |

What is the kind of vacation Bulgarians can afford?

In recent years, salaries in Bulgaria have been rising by an average of 7-10% annually, but they remain the lowest in the EU and the average monthly wage is about 600 euros. According to trade unions, a four-member family in Bulgaria needs at..

05.08.19 12:49 |

First step towards building a gas hub in Bulgaria

Bulgaria does not have any significant gas deposits, nor is it a major gas market, what it does have is big plans in this field, most of all with the project for a European gas hub and an exchange for supplying clients from different European..

02.08.19 13:46 |

Bulgarian banks paving country’s way to Euro Zone

Bulgarian banks have withstood European stress tests as well as capital and asset controls, the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank reports. Six Bulgarian banks have been tested, including the four largest ones – UniCredit Bulbank,..

30.07.19 15:21 |
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