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Courage is still in short supply in Bulgaria

Bulgarians abroad have long shown a keen interest in their homeland. On the one hand, they left their relatives and friends and they are not indifferent to their situation here, while on the other - many have plans to return to..

27.03.23 14:30 |

Why it is so important to invest in the Bulgarian communities abroad

Born in Plovdiv at the dawn of the transition to democracy in Bulgaria, 1994, Alexander Detev grew up in Sofia, where, in 2013 he graduated from the German language school, and then left for Vienna. There, he graduated “Journalism and communications”,..

14.03.23 10:53 |

PM Galab Donev: Schengen membership remains top priority for Bulgaria

"Accession to the Schengen area remains a top priority for Bulgaria", the Bulgarian Prime Minister Galab Donev said during his meeting with the Chancellor of Austria Karl Nehammer, who is on a visit to Bulgaria. Donev expressed hope..

23.01.23 20:08 |
Rumen Radev (L) and Karl Nehammer

EU external border security is a commitment shared by all member-states, Rumen Radev and Karl Nehammer agree

The security of the EU’s external borders is a commitment shared by all member-states, and is key to tackling illegal migration , Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and the Federal Chancellor of Austria Karl Nehammer emphasized at a meeting in Vienna...

01.01.23 14:07 |

Bulgarian investigative journalist Christo Grozev wanted by Russia: There is a risk to my life

"I am looking forward to finding out what I am accused of. Foreign governments have contacted me - the Netherlands, Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania, but the Bulgarian government has not yet". This was stated in an interview for bTV by the Bulgarian..

28.12.22 12:01 |
Galab Donev during the parliamentary hearing, 9 December, 2022

It is well known that Bulgaria meets Schengen criteria, prime minister says

“The criteria for Bulgaria’s accession to Schengen, which are entirely technical, were met by the country as far back as in 2011. That is known well to all members of the Schengen area, including the governments of the Netherlands and Austria,”..

09.12.22 16:48 |
Christmas market in Vienna (for illustratiion)

The first Bulgarian Christmas market in Vienna promotes social causes

Hardly anywhere else in Europe is Christmas more lavish, more colorful and tastier! When the end of the year comes, the Austrian capital Vienna shines with thousands of lights on it