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Protests against negotiations with Gazprom take place in Sofia

Dozens of people are protest ing  in front of the Presidency building  in central Sofia against possible negotiations between  Bulgaria’s caretaker government and Gazprom. The protest is supported by "Democratic Bulgaria" coalition...

24.08.22 19:22 |
Delyan Dobrev

Former energy minister: We Continue the Change bought gas from Gazprom subsidiaries

"We Continue the Change" have bought Russian gas from Gazprom subsidiaries , thus harming the interests of Bulgarian citizens by more than 28% because of the price differences.  GERB leader says former government heads were sabotaging their own..

24.08.22 14:56 |
BSP headquarters

 BSP: Interim government must start negotiations with Gazprom 

"Back in April, we foresaw the looming gas supply crisis and we stated our position , which we still maintain today - negotiations with Gazprom must be restored to ensure stability, security and predictability for the economy and the people."  This was..

23.08.22 18:15 |

"Democratic Bulgaria" ask caretaker cabinet about the interests it served

"Democratic Bulgaria" declared they were against the return of "Gazprom" as a gas supplier to this country and insisted to know the position of the political forces that define themselves as Euro-Atlantic, on the announced..

23.08.22 15:26 |
Energy expert Ivan Hinovski

Gas crisis is overexposed, the future of the coal regions is the real problem: energy expert

To a large extent, the gas crisis has been overexposed, including politically. There is a crisis when there are no bids and when there is no gas on the Turkish Stream pipeline, and the region is full of natural gas. The point is that the contracts..

19.08.22 15:59 |

Energy Minister: IGB interconnector will carry gas from 1 October

In mid-September the Greece-Bulgaria interconnector (IGB) will receive Act 15 and Act 16 and on October 1 natural gas will flow through the pipeline, connecting Stara Zagora and Komotini. Gas interconnector with Greece has successfully been..

18.08.22 15:20 |
Energy minister Rosen Hristov.

Energy minister: government to decide within a week whether to negotiate with Gazprom

It will take at least another week to decide whether Bulgaria will negotiate with Russian monopolist Gazprom. Such negotiations will be conducted only if it turns out that Bulgaria cannot secure the necessary quantities of gas for the winter..

15.08.22 15:21 |

Bulgarian Vice President: The gas crisis can only be solved at European level

Solutions to the problem with gas shortages should be sought at the pan-European level, where Bulgaria can have a its voice heard, Vice President Iliana Iotova said, quoted by BNT. According to her, from now on this country should look..

13.08.22 14:16 |

Non-governmental organization calls for guarantees that there would be no negotiations with "Gazprom"

The "Boec" civic association has submitted a request to the Ministry of Energy that the caretaker Energy Minister Rosen Hristov guaranteed he would not negotiate with Gazprom for the supply of gas. According to Georgi Georgiev from the..

12.08.22 19:26 |

It is not clear whether Bulgaria would negotiate with Gazprom

The possible renewal of negotiations with "Gazprom" will depend on estimates that are being prepared at the moment, caretaker Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov said . "Whether we would buy gas from Gazprom depends on whether the country's needs..

12.08.22 18:05 |
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