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Chairman of the Industrial Capital Association in Bulgaria (BICA) Vassil Velev

BICA Chairman Vasil Velev: Gazprom's suspension of gas supplies to Bulgaria is a "legend"

The chairman of the Industrial Capital Association in Bulgaria (BICA) Vassil Velev defined as a "legend" the claim that Gazprom has stopped gas supplies to our country. "The contract has not been terminated - there is a 'take and pay' clause in it,..

05.06.22 11:46 |

Bulgaria will not negotiate with Gazprom anymore

Bulgaria would not sign a new agreement with Gazprom for deliveries of natural gas because the Russian state-owned company has proved to be an unreliable partner , Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Assen Vassilev said in the budget committee of the..

02.06.22 18:18 |

Russia’s Gazprom reports losses due to halted exports to EU

Russia’s Gazprom has stated that its exports to countries outside the former Soviet Union have gone down by 27.6% in the January to May period, after losing several European clients. Moscow is demanding that they pay for the gas in rubles. Gas..

02.06.22 09:09 |

Bulgargaz seeks 13% drop in natural gas price for June

Public natural gas supplier Bulgargaz has proposed gas prices to be dropped by more than 13% as of June 1. According to the proposal the new price will be 72.2 euros per mWh . So far, the fuel has been traded in the country at 83.1 euros per mWh ...

01.06.22 13:48 |
Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev

Bulgaria seeks clarification from EC regarding Russian gas imports to EU

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev urged the European Commission to clarify whether the different countries of the EU are being treated differently by Gazprom, and whether there is any breach of the sanctions by companies..

25.05.22 09:07 |

Bulgarian PM Petkov and Italian counterpart Draghi discuss European position on Gazprom

After a meeting with Italian counterpart Mario Draghi, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov pointed out that Gazprom set different conditions for different EU countries and therefore the EU must join forces in negotiating common terms for member..

23.05.22 19:36 |
Bulgaria's Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev

Assen Vassilev: A return to Gazprom for Bulgaria is unlikely

"It is never a mistake to give up working with a supplier who unilaterally changes conditions and uses gas for political purposes" , Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev said for Nova TV.  Minister Vassilev noted that..

21.05.22 16:25 |
Bulgaria's Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov

Bulgaria will be receiving the agreed amounts of natural gas from Azerbaijan as of July 1

From July 1 , Bulgaria will be receiving the agreed amounts of natural gas from Azerbaijan, or 1 billion cubic meters per year, the country’s Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov announced today at a meeting of the National Assembly Committee..

19.05.22 18:38 |

Forum in Sofia seeks solution to energy crisis once war in Ukraine is over

“We are seeing how energy is being weaponized,” Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said at a forum dedicated to energy security taking place in Sofia. “I believe that with insignificant infrastructure modernization, there will be solutions that..

05.05.22 12:05 |

EU Energy Ministers hold emergency meeting today to discuss security of gas supplies

Energy Ministers from European Union countries are expected to hold emergency talks on May 2 after Russia’s Gazprom halted gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland last week. The Energy Ministers will study the possibilities for additional action..

02.05.22 11:02 |
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