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Vazrazhdane accuses President Radev of not opposing the euro

The second day of political consultations with the Bulgarian President before handing over of the mandate to form a government began with a conversation between the leaders of Vazrazhdane party and the head of state Rumen Radev. The best option for the..

12.03.24 11:02 |

Parliament cancels rotating chairmanship of security services committee

With 12 votes "for", 5 "against" and one "abstention", the Legal Committee in the Parliament has amended the Regulations of the National Assembly and cancelled the rotating chairmanship of the Commission for the Control of Security Services.  The..

24.01.24 13:53 |
Kostadin Kostadinov

Constitutional Court opens proceedings on amendments to the Basic Law

The Constitutional Court has opened a case on a petition by 48 MPs from the Vazrazhdane and There Is Such a People parties to review the constitutionality of the amendments to the Basic Law adopted by Parliament. The 48 deputies are challenging all..

12.01.24 14:22 |

No danger of Bulgaria being swamped by migrants, assures PM Denkov

The government has made no commitment other than to process asylum applications in a timely manner, as required by the Dublin Convention. This was Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov's response to a question from Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov in the..

12.01.24 14:07 |

Vazrazhdane party leader says Bulgaria should not sign EU Migration Pact

Bulgaria could become the largest refugee camp in the world if the country signs the EU Migration Pact, believes the leader of the nationalist Vazrazhdane party Kostadin Kostadinov . "With it, we will be obliged to accept refugees who enter mainly..

02.01.24 19:12 |
President Rumen Radev

Leaders urge people to get out and vote

"The most important thing is that we all vote, that we ensure peace on election day. And that we have confidence that every Bulgarian's vote will be counted correctly," said President Rumen Radev . Vice President Iliana Iotova stated that..

29.10.23 17:18 |
E-Government Minister Alexander Yolovskiл

Voting machine scandal as election campaign draws to a close

Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel and representatives of the Central Electoral Commission will be heard at an emergency meeting of Parliament's presiding body , (including the Parliament Chair and his deputies, and the floor leaders of the parties)...

27.10.23 13:56 |
Delyan Peevski

MRF will not have a candidate for the mayoral race in the capital

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) will not nominate a candidate for mayor of Sofia, nor will it support other parties' candidates - even in the run-off, MRF MP Delyan Peevski said.  On the occasion of GERB's announcement that their..

25.09.23 15:09 |

Autumn session of Bulgarian Parliament begins with expectations for quality legislative activity, but also for resignation of the cabinet

Before the start of the autumn session of the Bulgarian Parliament, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov stated that the most important task before the deputies is the preparation of the state budget , as all policies for next year depend on it. The Prime..

01.09.23 10:39 |
Kostadin Kostadinov

Lawmaker under investigation for hate speech 

The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation into media re ports that a member of the 49th National Assembly may have committed a crime, namely advocating or inciting discrimination, violence or hatred.  The prosecution was..

27.06.23 18:27 |
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