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Today marks 145 years since the approval of the first Bulgarian budget

On March 1, 1879, the Russian Prince Alexander Dondukov-Korsakov approved the first budget of Bulgaria which was liberated in 1878 . Prince Dondoukov-Korsakov approved the '' Account of Expenditures for Production Purposes from Bulgarian Revenues over..

01.03.24 07:05 |
Photo: Regional History Museum in Plovdiv

Women and the symbols of Bulgaria's Unification in 1885

Two women are inextricably linked in the minds of Bulgarians with one of the most important dates in Bulgarian history - the Unification of Eastern Rumelia with the Principality of Bulgaria on September 6, 1885. And while in other liberation struggles..

06.09.23 10:10 |

144 years since the adoption of the Tarnovo Constitution

Today marks the 144 th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Principality of Bulgaria, known also as the Tarnovo constitution . Drafted by Bulgarians educated at foremost European universities, the Tarnovo constitution..

16.04.23 08:55 |
Entrance of Prince Alexander I to Plovdiv, 10 September 1885

On September 6, 1885, Bulgaria became a united state again

On March 3, 1878, a dream so long cherished by all Bulgarian people came true - after a five-century domination by the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria once again emerged on the political map of Europe. Freedom had finally come, almost all Bulgarians..

06.09.21 06:15 |

Plovdiv - the city of Bulgaria’s Unification Day

An impressive monument stands on Saedinenie (Unificartion) Square in Plovdiv, reminiscent of the historical events of 1885 , when Bulgaria managed to reunite its two halves - Eastern Rumelia and the Principality of Bulgaria. The Monument to..

05.09.21 14:10 |

On June 26, 1879, Prince Alexander I Battenberg took over the rule of the Principality of Bulgaria

Today, the nephew of the Russian Emperor Alexander II, Alexander I Battenberg, born in Verona (Italy), took the oath before Bulgaria's First Grand National Assembly in Tarnovo and took over the rule of the Principality of Bulgaria . On this..

26.06.21 12:43 |

Bulgaria marks 135 years since Unification of Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia

On September 6, Bulgaria marks 135 years since the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia (which is part of today’s South Bulgaria and back then an autonomous region within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire).   The..

06.09.20 04:05 |

Events that led to Unification of Bulgaria to be reenacted in Plovdiv

135 years have passed since the glorious date of September 6, 1885. Years in which, despite the difficulties in its history, Bulgaria has managed to preserve its sovereignty as a united and independent state. After the end of the Russo-Turkish War of..

06.09.20 03:25 |
The first Bulgarian banknote had a face value of BGN 20 and was issued in 1885.

The Bulgarian lev turns 140 years old

140 years ago - only two years after Bulgaria’s liberation from the Ottoman Yoke, the Principality of Bulgaria adopted its own currency. And in order to invest it with a strong and independent future, the parliamentarians gave it the name "lev", as was..

04.06.20 06:20 |
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