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Events that led to Unification of Bulgaria to be reenacted in Plovdiv

Guests of the city will witness a historical reenactment of the memorable event - the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia

Photo: Facebook/@photography.magdalena

135 years have passed since the glorious date of September 6, 1885. Years in which, despite the difficulties in its history, Bulgaria has managed to preserve its sovereignty as a united and independent state. After the end of the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation and the Berlin Congress held in July 1878, which divided the country into the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia, while Macedonia, Edirne Thrace and the Rhodopes were returned to the Ottoman Empire, people knew that work for unification must continue. 7 years after the Liberation from Ottoman rule, which marked the beginning of its new economy, army and institutions, Bulgaria was ready to make its next dream come true - the Unification. The most important lesson of the heroic act is that unity of the nation is achievable only when a nationwide cause exists.

In our modern world, an unbiased review of what happened in our past and present is vital, but it must be done by young people with a clear idea and knowledge of native history. That is why it is important how teenagers learn facts about our recent and distant past.

"Significant dates and events have been disappearing from history textbooks. Our latest history is not studied in depth,” says Sava Kufarov, member of the Rodolyubie Committee Plovdiv. “Our children and grandchildren are not aware of the events that took place at that time. When we try to recreate the uniforms, the weapons - although in a limited way, and show part of the event, I am extremely proud that there are many young Bulgarians who see us live and will not forget what they saw. Some of them may even try to read historical sources about the events that took place at that time."

This year, albeit on a smaller scale due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Plovdiv is once again hosting a special reenactment dedicated to Reunification Day. In it, Sava plays the governor-general of Eastern Rumelia, Gavril Krastevich, whose role should not be taken negatively. The position he held in the Ottoman Empire at the time of the Unification did not allow him to intervene directly on the side of the Bulgarians. However, he helped them by not reporting anything about the planned coup in the area, which he knew about more than two weeks earlier. His hope for the success of the patriotic endeavor is clear from the words that the governor said during his detention - "I am a Bulgarian, and I want this deed to happen."

Organizers of the reenactment - the members of the Rodolyubie Committee in Plovdiv are not professional historians, but amateurs, who strive to recreate the historical plots as authentically as possible. Many of them are collectors of old weapons, for which they have all the necessary documents. They serve them faithfully as they perform their roles in historical performances. Heirs of famous Bulgarian heroes, the members of the committee often tell their family stories. Sava's great-grandfather was a volunteer who participated in the heroic battles on Shipka peak. The self-sacrificing example still burns in the heart of his successor Sava Kufarov.

In addition to Unification Day, since January 1993, September 6 has been celebrated as a holiday of the city of Plovdiv. Traditionally, the city welcomes this day with many initiatives, as well as with a ceremony in front of the symbol of the city - the Monument of Unification*. Although it was opened a century after the glorious day, the monument, placed on the square of the same name in the city, keeps alive the memory of all the heroes who dedicated part of their lives to the cherished unification of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia.

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: komitetrodoliubie.com, Facebook/@photography.magdalena

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