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The ship Vera Su auctioned off to sole bidder

The Vera Su has been bought by a  company, which was the only bidder at  the 4 th auction for the sale of the ship today. The ship was sold at the tendered price of USD 276,000, without VAT. There were no bidders at the previous auction, when..

20.12.22 19:52 |

Vera Su vessel to be auctioned again due to lack of buyers

The Vera Su ship, which about a year ago ran aground in the Yailata area, is again being auctioned at a lower price, after no bidders appeared today to buy it. This was stated by Captain Valentin Enchev, Director of the Maritime Administration..

28.09.22 15:25 |

Captain of Vera Su cargo ship was given suspended sentence of three years

The captain of the cargo ship Vera Su which ran aground near Kamen Bryag was given a suspended sentence. He was given a sentence of three years in prison, suspended for five years. The fifty nine-year-old defendant will have to pay court costs..

14.02.22 16:20 |

President presents awards to participants in operation for towing stranded ship "Vera Su"

Participants in the successful towing of the ship "Vera Su" that was stranded near Kamen Bryag, who prevented potential ecological catastrophe in the Black Sea, were awarded by the Bulgarian head of state Rumen Radev with the..

04.11.21 16:24 |

Sea water regains quality after towing of "Vera Su" ship

Observed indicators of the sea water have been returning back to normal after the stranded "Vera Su" ship was towed to the port of Varna, the Ministry of Environment and Waters has reported. Currently, ammonium nitrogen..

01.11.21 15:09 |

Minister of Transport Alexiev: The owner of “Vera Su” deliberately let the ship sink

The insurer of the cargo ship Vera Su, which ran aground near Kamen Bryag, will pay the costs of the rescue operation. Otherwise, Bulgaria will bring an action to the court, this country’s caretaker Minister of Transport Hristo Alexiev said at a..

26.10.21 17:23 |

Stranded ship Vera Su towed to port of Varna

On the 36th day after the ship "Vera Su" got stuck near the protected area of "Yailata", experts successfully towed it away from the rocks. The operation with the participation of 3 tow boats lasted more than 7 hours. The ship was..

26.10.21 09:39 |

Cargo from stranded ship "Vera Su" has been unloaded

Another attempt to retrieve the ship Vera Su stranded in the rocks near Kamen Bryag has been made. Today, the last 700 cubic meters of nitrogen fertilizer mixed with seawater were unloaded. This has led to the ship being lighter and floating..

25.10.21 18:52 |

Unloading operation of Vera Su continues

The unloading operation of the ship Vera Su which ran aground near Kamen Bryag has continued today. One more attempt is expected to be made to stabilize the ship. Another attempt to pull stuck ship "Vera Su" has failed The 600 cubic..

25.10.21 15:31 |

Another attempt to pull stuck ship "Vera Su" has failed

The second attempt to pull the stranded ship "Vera Su" off the rocks near Kamen Bryag was unsuccessful. For more than five hours, rescue teams and three tug boats tried to pull the vessel off the coastal cliffs in the Yailata protected..

24.10.21 10:30 |
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