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Bulgarian MEP checks how long carriers have to wait at borders

A Bulgarian MEP took a night-time journey by truck in protest against Bulgaria’s not being admitted to the Schengen area. Andrey Novakov wants to show how long Bulgarian carriers have to wait at borders and how damaging not being admitted to Schengen..

21.12.23 09:01 |
Andrey Novakov

EP discusses Bulgarian proposal for 1-minute time standard for processing of trucks at borders

Today’s sitting of the European Parliament's Committee on Petitions will discuss the petition by Bulgarian MEP from GERB party Andrey Novakov for a 1-minute time standard for the processing of trucks at intra-European borders. “This is the..

30.11.23 07:30 |
Iliana Iotova

Vice President Iliana Iotova: Bulgaria now has one of the most secure external EU borders

“Bulgaria now has one of the most secure external EU borders,” Vice President Iliana Iotova said, in answer to a question about the country’s preparedness for an influx of refugees from the Middle East. “Just take a look at what is happening in..

16.10.23 11:40 |
Wolfgang Sobotka

President of the National Council of Austria to get acquainted with security of Bulgaria’s border

The President of the National Council of Austria Wolfgang Sobotka arrives on an official visit to Bulgaria at the invitation of President of the National Assembly Rosen Zhelyazkov. Sobotka and Zhelyazkov will visit a section of..

10.10.23 06:30 |

The Bulgarian passport opens an increasing number of borders

Holders of a Bulgarian passport can enter the territory of 176 destinations , which places them in 13th place in the Henley & Partners Passport Index. In the third quarter of 2023, Bulgaria shares the position with Monaco and..

20.07.23 13:11 |

Controlling the migrant pressure towards Bulgaria is a pilot project for the EU

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has indicated the strengthening of the Bulgarian-Turkish border as a priority in operational measures against illegal migration . After the end of the first day of the meeting of the..

24.03.23 09:05 |

Migratory pressure along Bulgaria’s borders up by over 40% y-o-y

Migratory pressure along the borders of Bulgaria has gone up by over 40% since the beginning of the year , as compared to the same period of 2022, the annual analysis by the Border Police Directorate-General shows, BNR’s Nikolay Hristov reports...

07.03.23 15:12 |
Krum Zarkov

Decision on Schengen membership of Bulgaria is expected on December 8

The decision on Bulgaria’s accession to Schengen will be made on December 8 at the Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting and Bulgaria has all chances to become part of the Schengen area, caretaker Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov has..

29.11.22 10:51 |

Bulgaria should ask for EU help to protect the border, former deputy minister says

Mourning was announced in the municipality of Elhovo on November 9 in memory of the 32-year-old police officer Petar Bachvarov, who was killed in a shootout at the border. The junior inspector will be posthumously awarded a Badge of..

09.11.22 11:31 |

Most of the illegal migrants are detained inside the country, Bulgarian authorities say

A total of 12,740 illegal migrants have been detained in Bulgaria for the first nine months of 2022, as more of 2,800 of them were detained in September . This is what the statistics of the Ministry of the Interior show. 1,855..

08.11.22 15:21 |
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