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Supermarkets want to abolish fixed surcharge on bread

The Association for Modern Trade, which unites the majority of supermarkets , has called on President Rumen Radev to veto the new regulation on the surcharge on bread.  In April, the parliament extended the 0% VAT on bread and flour until 31..

09.05.24 18:38 |

Zero VAT on flour and bread extended until end of 2024

MPs have agreed to extend the 0% VAT on bread and flour, which was due to expire on June 30, until the end of 2024. Under the GERB proposal, traders will be allowed to add a maximum of 15% profit margin on bread, but the proposal is limited to the most..

30.04.24 18:09 |

Easter comes with the aroma of kozunak from “Granny’s recipes”

As Easter approaches fast, the traditional contest for children’s drawings “Granny’s recipes” is once again highlighting gastronomical gems discovered by children from all over Bulgaria and sent to the contest organizer Chef Penyo Ivanov and the..

13.04.23 13:01 |

Song of the day: Katé, Katé, Katerina, sing the children from the folklore group in Satovcha

On 24 November, the Christian Orthodox church marks the day of the Great Martyr Catherine who lived at the end of the 3 rd and the beginning of the 4 th century. In Bulgarian folklore tradition, Catherine or Katerina, as she is called, is..

24.11.22 10:06 |

Thracian Mysteries Festival 2022 reveals the mystery of Thracian ritual bread

  The “Thracian Mysteries” festival 2023 returns with an enriched programme. It will again take place in the Old town of Nessebar, and for the first time- in the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv. A reenactment of Thracian festivities will be..

29.08.22 14:04 |

Bulgaria’s lawmakers finally adopt the amendment of the 2022 state budget

Following two days of debates, Bulgaria’s lawmakers have finally adopted the amendment of the 2022 state budget. “The MPs exercised responsibility against the backdrop of a complicated political situation. It will be difficult, yet not impossible,..

01.07.22 11:56 |

Zero VAT for bread and flour, finally decided by Parliament

Zero VAT on bread and flour until July next year - this is the final decision of the National Assembly in the state budget update.  The proposal to reduce VAT on oil, fruit and vegetables from 20 to 9 per cent was rejected. The excise duty on..

29.06.22 14:58 |

First Festival of Ritual Bread in Bulgaria to take place near the Danube

On June 25, the ruins of the medieval fortress Cherven near Ruse will become the venue of the first Festival of Ritual Bread, organized by the Regional Historical Museum in the city. The participants will show ritual breads, which are an integral part of..

25.06.22 07:10 |

Bulgarians will not be left without bread, the question is how much it will cost

There are few countries in Europe that produce more grain than they consume, and fortunately Bulgaria is one of them , Plamen Abrovski, chairman of the parliamentary committee on agriculture, told BNR.  Grain shortages are possible, but it will be..

23.05.22 12:00 |

Bulgarian cabinet announces package of anti-crisis measures

0% VAT on bread for one year, updating of pensions by about 20% as of July 1 and higher tax breaks for families with children - these are some of the measures included in the so-called anti-crisis package approved by the coalition partners in the..

18.05.22 11:56 |
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