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Thracian Mysteries Festival 2022 reveals the mystery of Thracian ritual bread

Photo: Facebook / Academia Orphica

 The “Thracian Mysteries” festival 2023 returns with an enriched programme. It will again take place in the Old town of Nessebar, and for the first time- in the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv. A reenactment of Thracian festivities will be presented on a territory marked by the presence of the ancient Thracian tribes. Researchers from the Institute of Transcendent Science are to talk about the sacred language of Thracians.

The organizers of the festival, which starts on August 30 in the coastal town of Nessebar, aim to pass down the traditions of Thracian culture through the language of art and personal experience. Thracians are believed to be the oldest inhabitants of Bulgarian lands. They lived in tribes, bred horses and planted wheat and grapes.

The festival aims to build an interactive space through its events, forms and density, a sacred territory, where all participants can see, taste, touch, dress and experience the culture and art of ancient Thrace in person, the festival’s organizer Plamen Ivanov, Artistic Director of the creative workshop “Academia Orphica”, said. The audience will immerse themselves into the Thracian traditions with the help of authentic music, scenography, original dramaturgy, festive costumes. As a result, the interest of the audience in the sources of our inspiration will increase.”

In addition to the interactive shows “Thracian Mysteries” and “Thracian Mystery Drama”, the festive programme also features creative workshops. The first workshop is to acquaint visitors with the secrets of bread making and the messages encoded by our ancestors.

The second workshop is dedicated to the mystery of Thracian garb. The participants will not only acquaint themselves with the sacred symbolism of clothing, but will also wear Thracians costumes based on images of authentic artefacts. “The festival culminates in the evening shows, when these garments will be shown again. The workshops will allow visitors to experience the mystery in full”, Plamen Ivanov said.

Those who are interested in ancient script, will have the opportunity to learn details about the Thracian votive tablets with sacred inscriptions discovered during archaeological excavations across the Bulgarian lands.

Everyone willing to experience the strong spiritual traditions of our ancestors is welcome to the festival “Thracian Mysteries”, the organizers said. In order to reach as many people as possible, the entire programme will be repeated one month later- on September 30 in the town of Plovdiv, where Thracians also left many traces.

English version: Kostadin  Atanasov

Photos: Facebook / Academia Orphica

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