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Bulgaria's fruit production shrinks as importers set prices

The Association of Fruit Growers in Bulgaria reports another challenging year in the agricultural sector. However, the problems are not so much related to the unusually warm winter, nor to the lack of sufficient irrigation water, but to the..

23.01.23 16:40 |

2022 - a good year for business and a bad one for people as inflation deepens inequalities

After two years of pandemic, we welcomed 2022 with the hope for life to return to normal, incomes to rise and society to be back on track. Until, in February, the world faced another crisis - only this time on the war front. It dragged down..

29.12.22 07:05 |
Nikola Stoyanov

Minister of Economy: Caretaker government has tamed soaring energy prices

Bulgarian economy has been very stable since 2021, despite the crises , with very high growth in both exports and imports. In the last quarter of 2021, GDP grew by more than 10%.  World Trade Organisation data for the first half of 2022 also show..

30.10.22 13:25 |
Boyko Borissov

GERB offers a package of measures to overcome the crisis in the country

The first political force in the current Bulgarian parliament GERB-SDS is ready with several draft decisions and bills related to the budget, defense spending and energy. At a briefing at the party's headquarters, GERB leader Boyko Borisov specified..

22.10.22 16:10 |
Nikola Stoyanov

Minister of Economy and Industry: Bulgaria has natural gas for one year 

Bulgaria is secured with natural gas for at least one year. In an interview with Nova TV, Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov said that the steps taken to supply gas from various sources give reason to believe that the energy crisis in the..

15.10.22 17:20 |

Bulgaria is facing a crisis of incomes, not of goods

For some people, a crisis equals an opportunity. Is it the same for Bulgarians today, when the elections outlined continuing political instability, prices do not stop their growth, and incomes seem to be "frozen" on the edge of survival? Against this..

05.10.22 15:15 |

Bulgarian Vice President: The gas crisis can only be solved at European level

Solutions to the problem with gas shortages should be sought at the pan-European level, where Bulgaria can have a its voice heard, Vice President Iliana Iotova said, quoted by BNT. According to her, from now on this country should look..

13.08.22 14:16 |
Hristo Alexiev

Crisis-management headquarters identify necessary measures in Bulgaria's energy sector

The crisis headquarters in the energy sector, formed by Bulgarian Prime Minister Galab Donev, held its first meeting. After its end, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policies and Minister of Transport and Communications Hristo Alexiev, announced..

04.08.22 19:13 |
Ned Price

Washington calls for dialogue on forming a new Bulgarian government

The U.S. State Department has called for a dialogue on forming a new Bulgarian government. State Department spokesperson Ned Price commented the political situation in Bulgaria for the BNR. He said that "forming a government is obviously a..

13.07.22 18:13 |

Pro- and anti-government protests in Sofia

A hectic political week begins in Bulgaria. On Tuesday, June 21, the parliament discusses the motion of no confidence in the government of Kiril Petkov, submitted by the opposition party GERB. The vote will take place a day later, on 22 June. Analysts..

20.06.22 14:46 |
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