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Chain dance by the village of Kubei

"Give, my God, give rain!", or how the Bulgarians in the Bessarabian villages keep their traditions

The culture of the Bessarabian Bulgarians is still alive, only today it is found not in the cities, but in the villages, where the rituals are performed in their authentic form and not in some theatrical version intended for tourists, says..

20.07.22 17:25 |

An animated fairytale combines the codes of Bulgarian folklore and embroidery

There are a great many many symbols and messages encoded into Bulgarian folklore rhythms and Bulgarian embroidery, which, in olden times, were believed to have magical healing and protective properties. In search of a new, less commercial..

23.05.22 12:56 |

The language of traditional Bulgarian aprons revealed in exhibition in Plovdiv

The way of life, mentality and culture of the Bulgarians from the early 19 th century to the 1930s is now on display at the Regional Ethnographic Museum in Bulgaria’s second-biggest city Plovdiv. Visitors to the exhibition "The Apron - a..

02.04.22 11:59 |

Feast of the Annunciation, 25 March

After two years of pandemic restrictions and rules, protests, horrifying news from Russia’s war in Ukraine, we seem to be gaining a growing understanding of the need to remain connected, wherever we may be on the planet, whatever our status in..

25.03.22 09:35 |

Todorovden combines pagan beliefs and Orthodox canon

Today, March 12, Bulgarians are celebrating Todorovden - a favorite church holiday, which is observed on the first Saturday of Lent. Todorovden honors the memory of the Christian saint-warrior St. Theodore Tyrone, venerated as a great martyr by..

12.03.22 08:00 |

On Cheesefare Sunday we ask for forgiveness

"When there is a fault, there is forgiveness" is an old Bulgarian saying. In our folk customs there are days when giving forgiveness for all wrongdoings is obligatory. The most important among them is today's Forgiveness Day, also called..

06.03.22 08:15 |

Bulgarian children celebrate Baba Marta around the globe, wishing for peace

Bulgarian childrenscattered all over the world this year did not break the tradition to craft traditional martenitsa amulets. The special martenitsa workshops usually took place in the local Bulgarian Sunday schools...

01.03.22 18:00 |

Bulgarians celebrate Ignazhden (Saint Ignatius Day)

People should not work on Ignazhden and it is not even good to leave home. Of course, most of us can't observe this folk tradition these days, but if we look at the other prohibitions involved in the observance of this feast in Bulgaria, they are..

20.12.21 15:49 |

Walnuts in folk songs and magical rituals

The walnut tree is one of the most common tree species in the Balkans. It also grows well in other European countries, as well as in Asia, North and South America. The walnut tree is one of the spring symbols of the nature reborn. The nuts are..

13.06.21 06:10 |
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