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City of the dead discovered by archaeologists near Perperikon

A city of the dead was discovered by archaeologists in the ancient settlement of Perperikon in the Eastern Rhodopes, BNR correspondent Valya Apostolova reported from Kardzhali. Eight large mausoleums from the times of the Roman..

01.10.21 16:28 |
The building of Sofia's Central Baths

Taking a stroll in a neighbourhood of the capital city dubbed the Sofia Montmartre

The architecture of the capital of Bulgaria Sofia has undergone multiple changes since the city was declared the administrative and cultural hub, and the centre of public life in Bulgaria in 1879. Despite the relentless passage of time and..

17.09.21 09:00 |

Why do all the streets in a Sofia quarter bear names of Bulgarian towns and cities?

On April 3, 1879, Sofia was declared the capital of Bulgaria. The holiday of the city, named after the "St. Sophia” church is on September 17, when the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of The Holy Martyrs Saint Sophia and her Daughters Faith,..

17.09.21 09:00 |
Kyustendil in 1927

Digital archive to store history of Bulgaria’s industrial heritage

Factories, railway facilities, bridges, slaughterhouses, showing the history of rapid industrial development in the first decades of the 20th century, are often left to destruction these days or they “accidentally” burn down. To preserve the..

12.06.21 08:35 |

Rumen Radev on North Macedonia: We do not need any intermediaries

"We do not need any intermediaries. No one knows our history better than we do.” This was said at a briefing in Rome by President Rumen Radev in response to a question about the reports that Portugal has proposed EU historians to participate in the..

27.05.21 19:02 |

Archaeological Museum in Sofia offers virtual tour

The National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has been working on a comprehensive study of the material and spiritual culture of the tribes and peoples who inhabited today's Bulgarian lands..

20.03.21 04:25 |
Regional Historical Museum in Sliven

Sliven-based museum to offer online history lessons for Bulgarian children living abroad

The Regional History Museum in Sliven will organize a series of virtual lessons for children studying in Bulgarian schools abroad. Topics will include  lessons about the ancient Thracians, the National Revival period figures, the national revolutionary..

28.02.21 07:15 |

National Museum of History presents new exhibition of archaeological discoveries

In the exhibition “Ancient finds. New discoveries. Archaeological Season 2020” the National Museum of History will show its new artifacts discovered by 22 archaeological expeditions during the last archaeological season. During the..

17.01.21 04:40 |
Панорамен изглед към крепостта при с. Дебнево, след приключване на тазгодишните проучвания

The secrets of "Kaleto" hill near village of Debnevo

The fortress near the picturesque village of Debnevo in the region of Troyan, dating back to the Late Antiquity, has been studied for years. Archaeologists have unearthed fortress walls, residential, well-preserved production facilities and farm..

05.12.20 05:35 |

National Museum of Military History receives national and European recognition

Two projects of the National Museum of Military History received recognition from the Museum Exhibition Fair and European foundation Art Explora, the museum announced. One of the winning projects is the space "Scars of War: Sofia's Lost..

28.11.20 06:00 |
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