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Valuable archaeological finds showcased at Chiprovtsi's museum of history

Artefacts from the period 7th century BC - 12th century AD, among which a rare Thracian sword, ornaments from the Thracian and Roman eras, silver and bronze objects are exhibited in the Historical Museum in Chiprovtsi . They are described in detail in..

03.12.22 10:15 |

Nikola Vardev - the saved "lion" of Sofia

145 years ago, four Sofia booksellers were hanged on the gallows on charges of distributing seditious literature. Immediately after the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Rule in 1878, the founder of book publishing in Bulgaria, Hristo G. Danov,..

15.11.22 11:53 |

Independence Day and the Unification - the two feats with which Bulgaria regained won its place on the European map

The day Bulgaria declared its independence, September 22, with the manifesto of the Bulgarian Prince Ferdinand, put an end to the last vassal ties with the Ottoman Empire. The Principality of Bulgaria became an independent kingdom, headed by the already..

22.09.22 08:05 |
The memorial plaque commemorating the events on 2 September in Panagyurishte

The town of Panagyurishte was the first to fly the flag of Unification

"The Bulgarian issue" - so the activists for the unification of Bulgaria after 1878 used to refer to their most important task. After its liberation from Ottoman rule, the country reappeared on world maps, but in a fragmented form. This happened with the..

02.09.22 09:29 |

A small but significant step in Bulgaria-North Macedonia relations in the heat of summer

Without any designated meetings of any members of the joint historical Bulgaria-North Macedonia commission, without resuming the discussion, all of a sudden it transpired that some kind of accord had once more been reached on the sensitive..

24.08.22 11:22 |

What did the temple of Fortuna in the Roman colony of Ulpia Oescus look like

Visitors to the National History Museum in Sofia can now take a virtual walk in the temple of the ancient Roman goddess of happiness and fortune Fortuna. The building is part of the former Roman colony of Ulpia Oescus near the present-day..

22.06.22 13:57 |
Paisius of Hilendar – fresco from the Holy Trinity church in Bansko

Three centuries later: Bulgarians value the work of Paisius of Hilendar more than ever

As the ancient Greek cities argue where is the birthplace of Homer, so two Bulgarian mountain towns - Bansko and Samokov, claim to be the birthplace of Paisius of Hilendar, the author of the "Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya" (Slav-Bulgarian history)...

19.06.22 07:10 |
Prof. Angel Dimitrov

Prof. Angel Dimitrov: The key to the EU is in the hands of politicians in Skopje, not in our country

Any attempt to interrupt the work of the joint Bulgarian-Macedonian Commission on Historical and Educational Issues is a gesture of ill will and a bad attitude towards the Treaty of Friendship and Good Neighbourliness , said to BNR Prof. Angel Dimitrov,..

05.02.22 12:28 |
PM Nikolai Dobrev (left) returns the mandate to President Petar Stoyanov (right)

February 4, 1997 - one of the turning points in contemporary Bulgarian politics

Today marks 25 years since one of the most memorable dates in Bulgarian political life - February 4, 1997 . Mass protests over the government's failure to cope with a number of crises forced Prime Minister Zhan Videnov to resign in late 1996. Power..

04.02.22 06:35 |
Prof. Dimitrov

Politicians are responsible for bilateral relations between Sofia and Skopje

Politicians always have an important role in bilateral relations. History helps politicians understand the roots of contemporary problems, but it is not historians who define relations. The whole responsibility belongs to the..

07.12.21 11:17 |

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