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Protest demands the resignation of Bulgaria's President Radev

A protest was held in front of the Presidency demanding the impeachment of President Rumen Radev on the grounds that he is dividing the nation. "There are enough reasons to demand the resignation of the President. The most recent is the claim that..

20.07.23 09:16 |
Freeze frame from Ivan Geshev's video address

Ivan Geshev resigns as prosecutor

In a video address, posted on Facebook, the now former Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev announced he was withdrawing as prosecutor. Supreme Judicial Council has dismissed Ivan Geshev from position of Prosecutor General Bulgarian Judges..

19.06.23 12:09 |
Ivan Geshev

Prosecutor General requires hearing in Parliament regarding high-level corruption

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev has sent a letter to the President of the 49th National Assembly Rosen Zhelyazkov with a request to be heard by the MPs in connection with specific pre-trial proceedings related to high-level corruption and..

09.06.23 16:25 |
Ivan Geshev tears up his resignation letter in front of the media, May 15, 2023.

MPs comment on Prosecutor General Geshev's refusal to resign

Mustafa Karadayi, leader of the MRF, described the statement of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, in which he said he would not resign, as a "personal choice". "However, we are the ones who have to do the judicial reform, including with changes in the..

15.05.23 14:46 |

The Attorney General refused to resign, denouncing "political harassment"

Attorney General Ivan Geshev turned up at the press conference convened by himself, the request for his resignation in hand. He said that upon his return from the US on Saturday, he received a message telling him to resign by 10am Monday morning "or else..

15.05.23 14:19 |

Former PM Borissov denies having offered the Attorney General an ambassadorial post

Calling the people's elected representatives "political scumbags" is wrong. I am not in a position to offer ambassadorial posts that are approved by the president. This is how GERB leader Boyko Borissov rejected the claims of Prosecutor General Ivan..

15.05.23 13:04 |
Borislav Ivanov

Resignation of the municipal councilor who took down the Ukrainian flag from the facade of Sofia Municipality demanded

Chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council Georgi Georgiev has filed a report demanding the resignation of Borislav Ivanov as deputy chairman of the council and chairman of the Public Order and Security Committee.  Ivanov's resignation was also..

13.10.22 14:20 |
Deyan Mollov

Border Police chief resigns over Burgas crash

Deyan Mollov, deputy director of General Directorate Border Police, has resigned. Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev demanded his resignation after the Burgas incident, in which a bus of illegal migrants killed two policemen. Mollov's resignation was..

26.08.22 19:22 |
Ivan Geshev

We Continue the Change calls for the resignation of the Prosecutor General 

With a statement read in Parliament, "We Continue the Change" urged Bulgarian chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev to resign because he did not meet the moral standards for the position. The party supports the arguments presented by Justice Minister Nadezhda..

08.07.22 15:27 |
Nikola Minchev

BG MPs to vote on the resignation of the Speaker of the National Assembly

A demand for the resignation of Nikola Minchev as President of the National Assembly was submitted by There is Such a People, MRF, GERB and Vazrazhdane, t he four parties' motivation being a "flagrant violation" of parliamentary rules and..

15.06.22 16:55 |
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