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Director General of BNR Andon Baltakov

Bulgarian National Radio director Andon Baltakov withdraws resignation

The Director General of the Bulgarian National Radio, Andon Baltakov, has announced that he will withdraw his resignation, deposited with the Electronic Media Council. This happened earlier today at a general meeting of all employees of the media which..

30.10.20 16:26 |
Andon Baltakov

Bulgarian National Radio Director-General submits resignation

The Director-General of the Bulgarian National Radio Andon Baltakov has submitted, to the Council for Electronic Media, a request for the early termination of his contract. The Council has expressed the hope that he will reconsider his decision to..

21.10.20 18:51 |

Anti-government protests in Bulgaria continue for 105th day

A protest is planned for this evening at 6 pm in front of the Court House in Sofia, organized by the "Justice for Everyone" initiative. The demonstration under the slogan "Justice Without a Cap" is for the resignation of Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev aka..

21.10.20 09:27 |

Ministry of Defense becomes target of the protesters

The 104th day of protests with demands for the resignations of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the entire government, as well as Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, is scheduled for tonight in downtown Sofia. During last night's protest against the..

20.10.20 09:06 |
Nikolaj Hadzhigenov

Leaders of anti-government protests are ready to enter politics

If the price for bringing down GERB and turning the country into a modern and European one is for us to step into the muddy swamp of politics, we will probably pay it. This was said to the Free Europe website by one of the leaders of the..

19.10.20 19:42 |

Anti-government protests prepare for new Grand National Uprising on 100th day of protests

Citizens protesting against corruption and the government in Bulgaria are coming out tonight for the 94th day of protest with unchanged demands for the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor. On October 16  they will demonstrate for..

10.10.20 09:32 |

President Radev: European Commission has identified problems obvious for years

The systematic violation of the law and the public interest by the Prosecutor General, in an effort to protect the government and certain oligarchs at all costs and to attack those who are inconvenient, undermines the rule of law in the country, said..

01.10.20 14:58 |

Day 79: Protesters and police clash in front of Bulgarian National Television

Slogans like "Resignation", "Mafia" and "Mafia out" were heard last night in front of the Sofia Municipality building, and eggs flew towards its facade. On the 79th day of the anti-government protests in Bulgaria, the name of Sofia Mayor Yordanka..

26.09.20 10:03 |

Anti-government protests in Bulgaria continue for 79th day

Protesters against the government have gathered for the 79th evening in Sofia at the usual place and at the usual time, in the so-called "Triangle of Power" between the buildings of the government, the parliament and the presidency, BNR reported...

25.09.20 19:41 |

On 77th day of protests “toxic trio” presents plan for Bulgaria

For the 77 th time last night protesters demanding the resignation of the government and of the prosecutor general gathered in the space between the buildings of the Presidency, the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly. As always,..

24.09.20 09:01 |
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