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Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov: I see no reason to resign

Commenting on the civil protests running in Bulgaria for the past ten days, Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov said he saw no reason why his resignation should be requested at the moment. "I see no reason why I should withdraw from my post only 10 days..

20.07.20 17:24 |

Recent protests in Bulgaria through the eyes of participants and observers

A week ago, a series of events unleashed mass discontent among Bulgarians. Coincidentally or not, the attempt of the leader of "Yes, Bulgaria" party, Hristo Ivanov, to reach the beach near the oil port of "Rosenets" and his fight with..

16.07.20 12:46 |

PM Borissov demands resignations of three cabinet ministers

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has demanded the resignations of Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov, Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov and Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov.  Borissov demanded the resignations of the three..

15.07.20 20:43 |

Anti-government protests continue in Bulgaria for 7th consecutive day

For the seventh day in a row, citizens protesting against the ruling party are gathering in front of the presidency building in Sofia. The demands of the protesters remain the same - the resignation of the government and the prosecutor general. A..

15.07.20 19:19 |

President Radev continues to demand resignation of the government and new elections

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev made an official address to the nation regarding the ongoing protests in Bulgaria. For a week now, thousands of Bulgarians have been out in the squarest, demanding the resignation of the government and the prosecutor..

15.07.20 18:51 |

The government discusses three scenarios for overcoming the political crisis

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has met with key cabinet ministers, GERB officials told the Bulgarian National Radio. They discussed three options for overcoming the turbulent political situation in the country.  The first scenario is for the..

15.07.20 18:30 |

5th day of anti-government protests passes without incidents

Last night's fifth day of civil protests demanding the resignation of the government and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev ended in the capital and other cities in the country without serious breaches of public order. This was announced by the Ministry of..

14.07.20 08:10 |
General Krassimir Stanchev

Head of National Service for Protection Krasimir Stanchev files resignation

The chief of the National Service for Protection, Gen. Krasimir Stanchev, has resigned after his resignation was requested earlier today by President Rumen Radev.  President Radev's request was motivated by the letters sent by the NSP to the..

10.07.20 17:19 |
President Rumen Radev

President Radev demands resignation of the head of National Service for Protection

President Rumen Radev has demanded the resignation of the head of the National Service for Protection, Gen. Krassimir Stanchev. The request is in connection with the letters sent by the NSP to the responsible institutions for restricting the access of..

10.07.20 17:05 |
Hristo Ivanov

Democratic Bulgaria calls on parliament to resign

With calls for the resignation of the MPs in Bulgaria’s parliament because they do not know how to do their job, the right-of-centre coalition Democratic Bulgaria submitted their written objections to the National Assembly. In an interview for..

05.07.20 14:39 |
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