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Entire crew of a ship in Varna Bay infected with Covid-19

The entire crew of a ship in the Bay of Varna is infected with coronavirus. The vessel named "Tsarevna" sails under Maltese flag and has crew of 18 members - 17 Bulgarians and one Ukrainian. The ship's cook passed away last night, it was reported...

31.12.21 15:45 |

Coronavirus incidence rate in Bulgaria up by one-fifth compared to previous week

The coronavirus incidence rate in the country continues its upward trend, having increased in the past 7 days by almost one-fifth compared to the previous week . In Sofia the increase is by 39%. The average incidence rate for the country is..

31.12.21 13:04 |

President presents awards to participants in operation for towing stranded ship "Vera Su"

Participants in the successful towing of the ship "Vera Su" that was stranded near Kamen Bryag, who prevented potential ecological catastrophe in the Black Sea, were awarded by the Bulgarian head of state Rumen Radev with the..

04.11.21 16:24 |

Cargo from stranded ship "Vera Su" has been unloaded

Another attempt to retrieve the ship Vera Su stranded in the rocks near Kamen Bryag has been made. Today, the last 700 cubic meters of nitrogen fertilizer mixed with seawater were unloaded. This has led to the ship being lighter and floating..

25.10.21 18:52 |

Unloading operation of Vera Su continues

The unloading operation of the ship Vera Su which ran aground near Kamen Bryag has continued today. One more attempt is expected to be made to stabilize the ship. Another attempt to pull stuck ship "Vera Su" has failed The 600 cubic..

25.10.21 15:31 |

Strong wind causes delay in Vera Su unloading

The weather conditions in the area of "Yailata" have worsened because of strong winds. This causes delay in the start of unloading the dangerous cargo from the ship. The urea has already liquefied in the front cargo section. The..

21.10.21 11:01 |
Vera Su ship

Operation starts to remove hazardous load of Turkish ship stranded on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast

The operation to unload the ship "Vera Su" which got stranded on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast almost a month ago near the Yaylata protected area has started , the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport announced. The operation is expected to last 3-4 days. Due..

19.10.21 09:50 |
The Vera Su

Excessive ammonium nitrogen levels and a smell of petroleum products in the vicinity of stranded ship Vera Su

The levels of ammonium nitrogen in the region of Vera Su, the ship which ran aground near Kamen Bryag almost one month ago, are three times higher than the levels that have so far been gauged by the coastguard station, the Ministry of Environment..

16.10.21 16:05 |

Stranded ship Vera Su will not be salvaged, technically it is a sunken vessel

The ship Vera Su which ran aground near Kamen Bryag cannot be salvaged. The ship is extremely compromised, the engine room is flooded and the vessel is now deemed to be a wreck. This has been established after an inspection by scuba divers...

12.10.21 09:38 |

Bulgarian ship captains show support for their colleagues on "Vera Su"

The Bulgarian Shipmasters’ Association have called for the release of the captain and the second assistant captain of the "Vera Su" ship under house arrest. The reason is the decision of the District Court in Dobrich to impose the..

11.10.21 11:29 |
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