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The Verila

Cocaine found on board Bulgarian ship in Ireland

The authorities in Ireland have not yet contacted Navigation Maritime Bulgare, Navibulgar over the drugs discovered on board the ship Verila in the Irish port of Foynes, Navibulgar CEO captain Alexander Kalchev said for the Bulgarian National Radio...

21.12.23 12:11 |

Pirates board Bulgarian ship Ruen in the Arabian Sea

A Bulgarian ship has been boarded by force 380 miles East of the Yemeni island of Socotra in the Arabian Sea. The bulk carrier Ruen under a Maltese flag is owned by Navigation Maritime Bulgare, Navibulgar. The ship has an 18-member multinational..

15.12.23 09:05 |
Galaxy Leader

Yemeni separatists seize ship with Bulgarians on board

Yemeni separatists seized a cargo ship in the Red Sea. According to the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there are no Israelis on board the Galaxy Leader . The crew is international and the captain – Bulgarian, the Bulgarian..

20.11.23 12:10 |
The Rojen

The ship Rojen is waiting to be unloaded at Port of Ashdod near the Gaza strip

The Bulgarian bulk carrier Rojen in the Israeli port of Ashdod is close to the fighting. The ship will leave the dangerous waters no earlier than a week after it is unloaded. Captain Alexander Kalchev, CEO of the Bulgarian Shipping Company..

16.10.23 10:38 |

Tripper Travel Guide lists Bulgaria's Naval Museum in Varna as a must-see

The Naval Museum in Bulgaria's coastal city Varna has been included in the Tripper Travel Guide where it is listed among the must-see sights of Varna. In addition, the museum has also received a special certificate from the British tourist..

13.09.23 10:09 |

Viking ship docked in Ruse on its way to Istanbul

A replica of a Viking ship has docked in the harbour of the Danubian city of Ruse and tomorrow evening from 6 to 8 p.m., curious citizens will be able to see it from the inside. Eleven Norwegians - members of an association that researches and..

17.07.23 18:05 |

Parliament does not agree to cancel defence agreement with the US

After a long debate, the MPs rejected the draft decision to terminate the Agreement between Bulgaria and the USA on defence cooperation submitted by Vazrazhdane party. The remaining parliamentary groups voted "against" and "abstained". GERB-SDS, "We..

07.06.23 12:30 |

Bulgarian scientific research ship "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" crosses the Bosphorus and sails into Black Sea

The Bulgarian military scientific research ship "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" (NIK 421) is already sailing in the Black Sea. At around 6 am on 1 May, the vessel entered the Bosphorus. The ship was escorted by a Turkish Coast Guard cutter as it crossed..

01.05.23 09:38 |

Bulgarian Navy uses underwater robot for the first time

The underwater robot, acquired recently by the Bulgarian Navy, was used for the first time in tactical exercises by the Bulgarian naval forces in the Black Sea. The exercises involving the rescue ship Proteo, the inshore minesweeper Evstati..

11.04.23 13:14 |

18-century ship cannons pulled out of the Black Sea

Two iron ship cannons and dozens of artillery munitions were excavated from the bottom of the Black Sea in the last days of 2022.  On December 23, a rescue expedition by the team of the Centre for Underwater Archaeology, led by its director Dr...

05.01.23 06:05 |
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