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Vice President Iliana Iotova

President Radev to discuss requested resignation of National Security chief next week

I have voted by machine since the voting machines were introduced. I think this is the best vote because it is the most protected, Vice President Iliana Iotova said this after voting in the second round of the local elections in Sofia.  When asked how..

05.11.23 14:22 |
PM Nikolay Denkov voting on November 6

PM Denkov calls on citizens to vote, comments on the war in the Middle East

"Get out and vote for who you want to rule. Regardless of whether by machine or paper", urged Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov after voting in the second round of the local elections in Sofia. He commented on the war of Hamas against Israel. "Everyone..

05.11.23 11:44 |

Local elections runoff is taking place in Bulgaria on November 5

Today, November 5, the second round of the local elections is taking place in Bulgaria , with 6,038,052 voters having the right to vote. Mayors are elected where none of the candidates managed to win more than 50% of the votes in the first round last..

05.11.23 07:05 |

Election silence day ahead of Bulgaria's local elections runoff on November 5

Today, November 4, is a day for reflection in Bulgaria before the second round of the local elections. A ban on political campaigning and advertising in any form of forecast results from public opinion polls has been reinstated, and will remain in..

04.11.23 06:05 |

Technical check of the voting machines has been completed

The Ministry of e-Governance has completed the technical checks part of the certification of machine voting devices for the local election run-offs, the department reports. Experts continue the work on the technical layout of the..

02.11.23 15:53 |

Candidates of PP-DB and „BSP for Bulgaria“ to compete for the mayoral seat in Sofia

The candidate of PP-DB and "Save Sofia", Vasil Terziev, who has 31.8% of the votes in Sofia and the candidate of "BSP for Bulgaria", Vanya Grigorova, with 21.59% support will compete for the mayoral seat in the runoff on Sunday ,..

31.10.23 09:26 |
Minister Stoynov

Ministry of e-Government: Only the CEC can install software on the voting machines

Voting software must have open source code under the provisions of the Election Code. This was what the Deputy Minister of Electronic Government, Mihail Stoynov, said at a press conference in connection with the events of October 25, described in a SANS..

30.10.23 18:52 |
Plamen Tonchev

Supreme Administrative Court decision on machine voting expected

The parliamentary committee for control over the security services has held a hearing of chairman of the State Agency for National Security, Plamen Tonchev, about the canceled machine voting. The CEC made this decision on Friday evening - a day..

30.10.23 18:37 |

Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov: The voting is not compromised

The machine voting has not been compromised in any way. This was stated by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov to Bulgarian journalists in Brussels, where he participated in a meeting of the European Council.  Voting machine scandal as election..

27.10.23 17:39 |
Kamelia Neikova

Voting in the local elections will use old voting machines

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has repeatedly proposed to develop new software for the machine voting so that there is no foreign involvement, but has not received a response from any institution. This was announced by CEC chairperson Kamelia..

25.09.23 18:17 |
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