Survey: Euro-Atlantic orientation of Bulgarians remains firm

The Euro-Atlantic orientation of Bulgarians is firm, but the approval rating of politicians, MPs and political parties is decreasing,  a national survey conducted by Exacta Research Group shows. 71% of respondents support Bulgaria's EU..

19.12.22 12:30 |

Bulgarian Parliament calls for dropping the Schengen barriers to Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Parliament has adopted a declaration on the accession of Bulgaria to the Schengen area. The document emphasizes that Bulgaria has fulfilled the requirements already in 2011, and this has been confirmed by many international institutions...

17.11.22 13:33 |

Parliament's Legal Committee decides to remove electoral constituency of Bulgarians abroad

After a sleepless night and a 17-hour sitting, the MPs from the parliamentary Legal Committee accepted and brought to the plenary hall for the final second reading the changes to the Electoral Code. With the votes of GERB, BSP and MRF, the paper ballot..

17.11.22 10:42 |

MPs facilitate decision-making in plenary 

The deputies have facilitated the decision-making procedure in the plenary by amending the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly. From now on, the number of votes needed to pass a bill will depend on the number of deputies registered at the..

01.11.22 18:59 |

Election Day is over in Europe and Africa

Election day in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, where voting took place in 126 polling stations, has ended .  Voting has also ended in Germany where 77 polling stations were opened, in Spain – 65 polling stations, in..

02.10.22 23:20 |

Polling stations in the US and Canada are open

Polling stations are now open everywhere in the US. In Chicago , lower voter turnout is being monitored in the eight polling stations there.  New England and Massachusetts reported higher voter turnout.  In Florida , where there were..

02.10.22 19:43 |
Bulgarian embassy in London

Bulgarians in London vote actively, there is great hope for a better future in Bulgaria

Many of us still remember the long queues that formed in the British capital during last year's first parliamentary elections. Similar activity is observed there today, as there are also many Bulgarians who went to the polling stations for the first..

02.10.22 19:18 |

69 reports of violations on election day so far

There are 23 polling stations in Bulgaria in which, due to problems with the voting machines, voting with paper ballots was used, the Central Election Commission announced . With three of the machines, voting was suspended after the words "Diary tampered"..

02.10.22 18:10 |

Voting in New Zealand and Australia has ended

The polling stations in North  America and Canada are starting to open. Voting in New Zealand and Australia has ended.  However, the election results from this region will be announced after the end of the polling day, the Central Election Commission’s..

02.10.22 17:13 |

Atanas Chikov from Great Britain about his refusal to vote at the Parliamentary elections

Atanas has lived in Great Britain for 20 years and admits that he has not voted for a long time, not because he does not care about the destiny of his motherland, but because he feels there is no point voting. Atanas Chikov, immigration advisor and..

02.10.22 12:07 |
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