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2-in-1 election if needed, date remains unclear

The National Assembly's presidential council failed to reach a decision on the date of the presidential and possible early parliamentary elections. The reason is a problem with the voting machines, which was announced by CEC chair..

25.08.21 11:27 |

Choice between paper and machine voting proposed

GERB is to file a project for changes in the Electoral Code that would allow for mixed voting with paper ballots and machines. This was announced at a briefing in parliament by Radomir Cholakov from the party. The party also say..

30.07.21 13:10 |

Votes by Bulgarians abroad will decide winner from parliamentary elections

The votes cast abroad will ultimately decide the winner from the elections for parliament held on 11 July. According to data from the Central Election Commission website, with 55.23% of the tally sheets from the votes cast abroad having..

12.07.21 08:56 |

Election Day abroad ends

The last polling stations along the West Coast of the USA closed at 6 AM Bulgarian time, bringing to an end election day for Bulgarians voting abroad for the new 46 th National Assembly of Bulgaria. Voting in USA took place in 58 polling..

12.07.21 08:28 |

All voting machines needed for elections on July 11 have been delivered

A total of 1,637 election machines have been delivered to Bulgaria and we now have the full number of machines needed for the elections on July 11, caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev said at a government meeting. In this way, the government has..

30.06.21 13:36 |
Rositsa Mateva

If possible, Bulgarians taking a holiday inside the country should go and vote abroad: Rositsa Mateva

“Always during elections we have recommended that, if the Bulgarian tourists in the country do not have a permanent address during their holiday but are close to the border, they should go and vote abroad,” said Rositsa Mateva, deputy chair of the..

25.06.21 12:48 |
Rositsa Mateva

Holidaymakers in Bulgaria will not be able to vote in July 11 parliamentary elections

People who will be on holiday in the country on July 11 and do not have a registered current address in the town where they are spending their vacation will not be able to vote , the Central Election Commission decided. The reason is that there is no..

24.06.21 13:35 |
Bulgarians waiting to vote in London at April 4 parliamentary elections

Bulgarians abroad will be able to vote in more polling stations

Bulgarians living abroad will be able to vote in 791 polling stations in the July 11 parliamentary elections . This was decided by the Central Election Commission.  The highest number of polling stations outside Bulgaria will be opened in the..

19.06.21 16:20 |

Bulgarian citizens with expired ID documents will also be able to vote

Voters whose identity documents have expired after March 13, 2020, will be able to exercise their right to vote with them in the July 11 early parliamentary elections , Bulgaria's Central Election Commission decided. As in the previous parliamentary..

17.06.21 10:40 |
Stoil Tsitselkov

Ballots will be used for voting abroad instead of machines

There will be no machine voting abroad, Stoil Tsitselkov, deputy chairman of the Public Council at the Central Election Commission - CEC, has told BNR's Horizont program. There has been no practice of delivering machines around the world,..

08.06.21 11:54 |
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