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A home far from home

In this section we present the stories of foreigners who have settled in Bulgaria and those of refugees who have sought asylum in this country. The section builds on a joint project of the Bulgarian National Radio, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the Bulgarian Fund for Women, which was successfully implemented in 2019. It presents life of foreigners in Bulgaria, their culture and customs, the social ties they build in their new country, values they hold to and challenges they face.

Patrice Rayssac – the amateur photographer from France who loves to take pictures of the Bulgarian seashore

What does the south of France and the northern portion of Bulgaria’s seashore have in common? Here is one possible answer – Patrice Rayssac. “I come from the south of France, near Toulouse. It is a big town between an ocean and a sea and..

published on 3/23/21 11:01 AM

The story of a British in love with the Rhodopes

Thousands of British citizens have chosen Bulgaria as their second home. They come here because of the pleasant climate, low prices and beautiful nature. And neither the pandemic, nor Brexit were able to make them give up on their new life in..

published on 3/8/21 4:05 PM

British Chef Gareth Lee Gradwell or what is the taste of Bulgaria

He is a Brit who has previously lived in Spain. For years he was circling the globe as a chef onboard cruise ships. Yet the coronavirus pandemic forced him to permanently “set anchor” and he did that nowhere else but at the Bulgarian Black Sea..

published on 1/31/21 7:55 AM

British vlogger Jamal: Bulgaria helped me become a better person

It all happened quite spontaneously. Three years ago, Rhyes Douglas visited Bulgaria’s second largest city Plovdiv on his friend’s recommendation. Rhyes Douglas is a British digital nomad who lives wherever he wants and works remotely...

published on 1/18/21 5:12 PM

A Filipina girl in Bulgaria and how snow can bring joy

Her name is Rita Sanchez Yordanova but everyone in Kozloduy calls her Filipina. Why? Because she is the only Filipina in this small Bulgarian town on the bank of the Danube. She is also young, beautiful, with waist-length hair and full of..

published on 12/31/20 11:00 AM

Dutch vlogger Leon: "When I’m in Bulgaria I have an unearthly feeling"

His passion is to travel alone in Bulgaria in search of authentic experiences, because he believes that our country is imbued with spirituality. For 28-year-old Leon de Leeuw, Bulgaria is love at first sight. The young Dutchman first..

published on 9/20/20 7:25 AM
Nina Shisheva

New master’s degree programme at Sofia University provides training for work with refugees

A new master’s degree programme “Social work with refugees and migrants” opened at the Faculty of Education of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"at the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year. The master’s programme is being..

published on 4/11/19 10:38 AM

Bulgaria – a country beautiful and peaceful in the eyes of children from Iraq

In this edition of “A home far from home”, in which we bring you the stories of people with protected status, we present young Jalil and his two sisters – Sahar and Urut. They fled from Iraq because of the war. First, their father came to Bulgaria..

published on 4/10/19 12:31 PM

For refugees Bulgaria is the fastest country

In “A home far from home” this time we bring you the story of a family from Syria who chose Bulgaria to be their home far from home. Presenting first the eldest child of the Abud family – Alyamama who is 12 and speaks Bulgarian..

published on 4/8/19 3:56 PM

Bulgarian cheese and honey in the life of a Syrian family

In this installment of “A home far from home” we bring you the Sharaflis, who come from Syria. The father, Abdul Ahed, clings to the hope that one day he will be able to take his family back to his country, but while he is in Bulgaria, together..

published on 4/3/19 1:16 PM