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Bulgarian “mermaids” participate in fabulous show off the Italian coast

There is nothing better than fairy tales and the magic of imagination. ‎A little over a year ago, we told you about Petya Petkova and the first Bulgarian school for mermaids, founded by her. Today, Petya is again a guest on Radio Bulgaria to continue..

published on 10/10/23 4:09 PM

Photographer Oleksander Baron from Odessa: It is wrong to say Ukraine is a foreign country for Bessarabian Bulgarians

Though he is a pedagogue by education, having graduated physics and mathematics, the Bessarabian Bulgarian Oleksander Baron does not have a single day as a teacher. Photography has been his calling, especially after his daughter told him she wanted..

updated on 10/10/23 1:37 PM

The depopulation of Bulgaria in the mirror of closed and abandoned schools

The depopulation of Bulgaria as evidenced in the buildings of closed and abandoned schools is the focus of the project "Education is a movement from darkness to light". This is the project with which Bulgaria is participating in the 18th Architecture..

published on 10/10/23 10:21 AM
Maxim Delchev, representative of the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria

There are currently no refugees from Israel in Bulgaria

After the surprising terrorist attacks of the Hamas organization on the State of Israel, the Bulgarian authorities assessed the level of terrorist threat to Bulgaria as low, with the exception of places such as airports, train stations, synagogues,..

published on 10/9/23 3:01 PM

Exhibition presents Trebenishte necropolis, which united efforts of archaeologists from the Balkans

The exhibition "Trebenishte. 105 years since finding the necropolis. 1918 – 2023" opens today at 18:00. The exhibition is the result of the joint work of archaeologists from the National Archaeological Museum at the Bulgarian Academy..

published on 10/9/23 2:25 PM

The first rakia museum has opened doors in Sofia

Rakia (fruit brandy) is the queen of the drinks on the Balkans. “We can say that it originates from the Arab world, from the drink Arak. But Bulgarian rakia is unique and we are very proud of our rakia, especially the grape variety,"..

published on 10/9/23 1:45 PM

A giant thermal complex near Sofia, which will be in the top 5 in Europe, starts construction 

In the village of Ravno Pole, just 30 minutes from the center of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, construction has started on what will be one of the largest thermal resort centres in Europe, we learn from investor.bg. The new resort will boast mineral..

published on 10/8/23 8:15 AM

Gladiator battles, mock slave market and delicious dishes at the Medieval Festival near Sliven

More than 200 people will take part in the reenactment of the life in peace and war of the peoples who inhabited the ancient fortress near today's town of Sliven in the period from late antiquity to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.   The medieval..

published on 10/7/23 6:20 AM

Balkan Developments

Greece has prepared a plan to support Ukrainian grain exports Due to problems surrounding the export of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea, Greece is ready to assist the process with an alternative route for its..

published on 10/6/23 4:00 PM

A new education and culture centre will acquaint the public with the Jewish community and traditions

“In a place where there is no humanity: be human” goes a saying connected with the Jewish community and culture. There are no accurate data as to the number of Jews in Bulgaria, but according to the organization of Jews in Bulgaria Shalom, the Jewish..

updated on 10/6/23 1:13 PM