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AGRA and Foodtech present cutting-edge machinery and technologies at Plovdiv International Fair

New varieties of tomato, winter barley and wheat, sunflower, cotton, tobacco, alfalfa and hybrid feed maize, as well as several innovative technologies for seed production, production and cultivation of annual and perennial crops are among the..

published on 2/20/24 7:35 AM

INSAIT announces new Tech Leaders Fellowship Programme

The Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology (INSAIT) is launching a new technology leadership development fellowship programme.   Aimed at students from the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and..

published on 2/19/24 3:22 PM
Mihail Veshim

We are the last of the Mohicans of newspaper humour: Mihail Veshim, editor-in-chief of Starshel newspaper

Starshel (Hornet), the oldest Bulgarian humour and satire newspaper, recently turned 78. The newspaper of choice for generations of Bulgarians has been coming out, without interruption, since 15 February, 1946, and it has survived to this day..

updated on 2/19/24 11:02 AM

Bulgarians, Romanians and Moldovans present the martenitsa in Brussels

On 18 February, the Bulgarian Cultural Association in Belgium hosted the Martenitsa Festival. Representatives from Romania and Moldova also took part at the festival held in Brussels. This is the second edition of the Martenitsa Festival dedicated to..

published on 2/19/24 10:51 AM

Events across the country commemorate the death of the Apostle of Freedom 

In the capital city's St Sophia Church, at 5pm, an archbishop's memorial service will be held in memory of Deacon Ignatius, the Apostle of Bulgarian Freedom, Vasil Levski. (Levski took this name when he entered the St. Spas Monastery in Sopot - ed.). As..

published on 2/19/24 6:40 AM

Visiting the Vasil Levski Bulgarian Sunday School in Leeds ‎

There are no exact statistics on the number of Bulgarians living in the English city of Leeds. However, we know that there, as well as in other cities in Great Britain, there is a Bulgarian Sunday school named "Vasil Levski " . Established in 2016,..

published on 2/18/24 11:30 AM

Bulgarians in Gòra still preserve their language and culture, but need support from the homeland - Part II

Our visit to the Bulgarians in the region of Gòra, northeastern Albania, continues. Mirjan Dauti is one of the young teachers at the school in the village of Cërnalevë , located in the historical-geographical region of Gòra in..

published on 2/17/24 8:10 AM

Can there be an end to the dictate of mobile operators on telecommunications services in the country?

The rise in the price of mobile services at the rate of annual inflation, which was announced in mid-January, came as a cold shower for a large number of affected users. The reason is that this is another element of the creeping upward inflation in the..

published on 2/16/24 5:24 PM

Balkan developments

The National Union of Road Transport of Romania (UNTRR) has called on Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Ambassador in Sofia to address the problem of Romanian..

published on 2/16/24 12:02 PM

Radio Bulgaria: The mission goes on

88 years after the firstbroadcasts by the Bulgarian radio targeted at audiences abroad, and 87 years after the foreign language broadcasts became part of the BNR’s programming, Radio Bulgaria’s mission of building bridges between Bulgarians around..

published on 2/16/24 11:23 AM