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Bulgaria Today – September 21, 2021

published on 9/21/21 6:00 PM

Composition of handmade wooden sheds adorns the public fountain in the village of Tipchenitsa

A composition of three handmade wooden sheds adorns the area near the public fountain in the village of Tipchenitsa located in Northwestern Bulgaria. The composition is created by the local carpenter Sergei Tsekov. It took Sergey nearly one month..

published on 8/29/21 9:15 AM

Young Bulgarians make 10 films about Varna, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the coastal resort

Pupils and students remind us of the beauty of Bulgaria’s marine capital Varna via ten entertaining and educational films. They were created under a project named “A City Kissed by the Sea-Youth Street”. The young Bulgarians are actors, directors..

published on 8/28/21 9:25 AM
Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov

Health Minister: For the time being Bulgaria is not planning to administer a third dose of vaccine

“For the time being Bulgaria is not planning to administer a third dose of vaccine against Covid-19,” said Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov during a visit to a polyclinic in Sofia.  The Ministry has sent an inquiry on the matter to the European..

published on 8/27/21 2:46 PM

Balkan Developments

Cyprus sends 88 Syrian refugees back to Lebanon Cyprus did not allow 88 Syrian refugees on its territory, blocking their two boats in the sea, and after almost 24 hours, sent them back to their point of departure – Lebanon. The migrants were sent..

published on 8/27/21 2:08 PM

Claire Theodora Apovo – a Bulgarian girl from Benin

This year Claire Theodora Apovo from Benin arrived in the land of her mother as a first-year student at the South-West University in Bulgaria’s Blagoevgrad, where she will study "Administration and Information Systems". Her mother is a Bulgarian..

published on 8/25/21 4:36 PM

Vaccination certificate required for practical courses in medicine

The management of the Medical University in Plovdiv requires students to have a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test or a document for overcome coronavirus infection in order to attend practical classes in medicine. The rector of the..

published on 8/23/21 7:41 PM

ITER: How to create a sun on Earth

Did you know that there are 35 countries in all parts of the planet, including Bulgaria, currently working on an artificial sun? And no, that does not mean a big fiery ball illuminating the sky, it is an effort to create nuclear fusion in a..

published on 8/23/21 11:17 AM
Baba Vida Fortress

Vidin Craft Festival is a fact, but in compliance with anti-epidemic measures

After a one-year Covid break, the Vidin Craft Festival is once again a reality. This year's event is held in the period August 20 to 28th and is traditionally located in the former military building next to the Baba Vida Fortress. More than 120..

published on 8/22/21 10:05 AM

Six-year-old Velislav Zahariev is the new European runner-up in Youth Chess Championship

How does it feel to be among the best in a European competition, even before you have started going to school? Six-year-old Velislav Zahariev from the town of Berkovitsa already knows this. Just a few days ago he became runner-up in the European Union..

published on 8/21/21 10:30 AM

Internet celebrities meet fans in Burgas

For a second year in a row, the Municipality of Burgas gives young Bulgarians the opportunity to meet their favorite vloggers, influencers, YouTubers and artists live. This will be possible during TEEN BOOM FEST this weekend in Burgas. The motto of the..

published on 8/21/21 7:35 AM