Bulgarian Parliament adopts declaration in defense of Bolhrad Bulgarians in Ukraine

The Bulgarian High School in Bolgrad, established in 1858
Photo: archive

Bulgaria's Parliament has adopted by full consensus a declaration in defense of the Bulgarian community in Ukraine. The reason is the administrative-territorial reform that has started in Ukraine, which divides the Bolhrad region  into 5 independent parts. The Bolhrad region (also known by its Russian name Bolgrad) is a natural administrative centre of the Bulgarians there. 

This deals a very heavy blow to the integrity of the 200,000-strong Bulgarian diaspora in the Bolhrad region, the declaration reads. 

The Bulgarian Parliaments obliges the Bulgarian authorities to demand an urgent intergovernmental meeting. 
This is a priority issue that should be resolved in the spirit of the excellent relations between the two countries and in compliance with European values, the statement reads.

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