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First-ever edition of Bulgaria's most emblematic novel "Under the Yoke" was in English

English-language edition of Ivan Vazov's novel "Under the Yoke"
Photo: Sofia City Library

The first edition of the iconic Bulgarian novel "Under the Yoke" published in the International Library series by the London publishing house William Heinemann at the end of 1893, is currently on display at Sofia's City Library. 

The English-language edition of the novel written by the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature, Ivan Vazov, precedes the Bulgarian one by several months. It is assumed that the English translation of the work was done by then prominent politician and entrepreneur Ivan Evstatiev Geshov. 
The documentary exhibition in Sofia's City Library is held on the occasion of the 170th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Vazov and is entitled "From the poet's notebook". 
The novel is the most popular work of the author, as well as the most widely read and translated Bulgarian book. In 2009, in a national poll, "Under the Yoke" was chosen as the favourite novel of Bulgarians.

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