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A to Jazz Concerts continue in Sofia

Sharing music live is a magical and irreplaceable experience, Petar Dimitrov says

Photo: Facebook / atojazzfestival

One of the biggest cultural events in Bulgaria, A to Jazz, owes its fame to the magnificent selection of musicians and the choice of stage located in one of the parks in the capital city. The festival, which attracted more than 35,000 people in 2019, is now marking its 10th anniversary.

Teodosii Spassov and Vlatko Stefanofski at the 2019 edition of the festival

Its fans were expecting a spectacular celebration with stunning program. For obvious reasons, however, significant changes have taken place. A to Jazz Concerts emerged as a replacement and the new format includes seven events during three consecutive weekends.

“Our slogan is ‘Sofia is jazz’ and we have managed to fulfill it once again,” Petar Dimitrov, director of the festival says and adds:

"We managed to bring jazz back to Sofia and we are happy that the first concerts were a great success. Both artists and the audience are thirsty for this magical experience – sharing live music. Performances by jazz singer Militsa Gladnishka, Mihail Yosifov sextet with special guest Vasil Spasov - piano are forthcoming. The program of Hristo Yotsov and his Jazz Cats, is interesting as they perform music created during the isolation. Miro Ivanov will present the project The Little Aliens. In this double concert on July 12 we will also hear Audiobook - the new project by singer Dessy Andonova and The Visual Madmen.”

  Petar Dimitrov

The concerts this time take place in Platform A 6 - the newest open space for culture in Sofia.

"We did the organization with real care for people's health and safety. There are one-way exits and entrances and the distance between seats is 1.50 meters. At the entrance one goes through an ‘anti-Covid cabin’, in which for 10 seconds a person is disinfected with ozone, and people step on a mat with special disinfectant.”

Dozens of festivals have been canceled in recent months and some of the most reputable jazz forums have opted for online broadcasts of recordings from past years. Is optimism the driving force that inspired the head of A to Jazz to create the current program? Here is his answer:

"I try to be realistic during these unpredictable and dynamic events. We should not give up despite everything. For centuries art has been created to be shown, felt, experienced live. We can look at the screen, but we will never hear the game of overtones or feel this vibration. Technology delivers information and it helps us get an idea of the mastery of performers, but being meters away from the stage and immersing yourself in art… No one and in no way will replace this.

A to Jazz, 2019

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: Facebook / atojazzfestival

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